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Scripting in GlassFish @ JavaOne 2008

Posted by vivekp on May 4, 2008 at 10:29 AM PDT

JavaOne 2008 starts form tomorrow, actually today: there is Unconference in the afternoon. This is going to be my first 8th JavaOne in a row and a most busy one! Here are some of the scripting related talks and events:

  • BOF-5111 Scripting in GlassFish
  • TS-5416 JRuby: Why, What, How...Do It Now
  • TS-4806 JRuby on Rails: Web Development Evolved
  • TS-6039 Jython - Implementing Dynamic Language Features for the Javaâ„¢ Platform Ecosystem
  • PAN-5435 The Script Bowl: A Rapid-Fire Comparison of Scripting Languages
  • TS-5764 Grails in Depth
  • TS-5793 Groovy and Grails: Changing the Landscape of Javaâ„¢ Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE Platform) Patterns

There are also all week GlassFish events, do plan to attend these.

I hope to meet many of you. I will be speaking at BOF-5111: Scripting In GlassFish and also at CommunityOne sessions S295418 - Tools for GlassFish V3 (Java EE Platform and Scripting Environment) and Scripting environment.

We also have POD#135 Scripting On GlassFish Booth in the Pavillion. I plan to be around there on Wednesday afternoon so drop by to see what we are up to on supprting dynamic languages and frameworks on GlassFish.

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