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GlassFish gem 0.9.1 released

Posted by vivekp on December 4, 2008 at 4:10 PM PST

About a month back we released href="">GlassFish
gem ver 0.9.0. I am happy to
report that  href="">GlassFish
gem ver 0.9.1 is released. It
has lots of bug fixes and some performance improvements. It was pretty
hectic month with lots of fixes and specially our efforts
towards performance study of GlassFish gem and JRuby. 

Merb and edge Rails support has been improved and is much robust now.
Many thanks to href="">Yehuda Katz
on the feedbacks and improvements related to Merb support and also to
the JRuby team.

To get started refer GlassFish gem href="">README.

Or just install the
gem by typing

install glassfish

To run simply type style="font-weight: bold;">glassfish
in your Rails or Merb application directory or type  style="font-weight: bold;">glassfish -h.

Try it out and send your feedback to the href="">forum
and report any issues at the href="">issue