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Reviving Project WOM - WSDL Object Model

Posted by vivekp on August 20, 2009 at 2:56 PM PDT

Sometime back I started a project - href="">WOM,
short for WSDL Object Model. The idea was to come up with a library
that provides efficient parsing and provides a WSDL Object Model that
can be used to inspect, traverse/navigate and will be useful for IDEs
such as NetBeans and also WSDL 2 Java generators, such as href="">Metro

After some initial (90%) of work I left the project ideal to get back
to it after I get past some other interesting things I was involved
with. Recently someone from community sent me mail and asked whats up
with this project and he plans to build some custome API using WOM and
XSOM APIs for schema object model. I fixed some bugs, added
documentations and released 0.9.0 version of WOM to maven.

The design of WOM is largely based on href="">XSML Schema Object
Model (XSOM). It is very
extensible. For example, you can use your own ContentHandler to parse
the XML Schema. Use your own extension handlers to parse WSDL
extensibility elements. I need to do more work on adding documentation
for these.
But what I have there should be sufficient for you to start playing
with it.

WOMParser parser = new WOMParser();
WSDLSet wsdls = parser.parse(new File("sample.wsdl"));
WSDLDefinitions def = wsdls.getWSDLs().next();

Refer to href="">API doc
on how to navigate and do some interesting things with the WSDL

See the project
for details and send your

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