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Want to Write for a Living?

Posted by walrath on November 15, 2004 at 11:04 PM PST

Writing for developers is a rewarding job
if you're interested in technology and enjoy playing with words.
You're constantly learning,
you get to practice the craft of writing,
and you can make a real difference for developers.

Ever since I graduated from college with a CS degree,
I've had writing jobs.
All but one of them took advantage of
my technical background,
but I've never officially worked as a software engineer.
Until now.

I've accepted a position with the Swing team.
In a way, it's not a big change.
I'll still go to Swing meetings and work with the
JavaDesktop community.
However, I'll be transitioning away from work on
The Java Tutorial
and other J2SE-related doc,
and into bug fixing and feature work for the Swing libraries.
Although it's hard to leave the Tutorial
and its great team of writers,
ten years on one project is a very long time,
and I'm looking forward to trying something new.

If you're interested in working with the J2SE doc team,
now's your chance!
You can submit your resume for this
technical writer position,
as described at the bottom of the position description's page.
If hired, you won't necessarily work on the Tutorial —
that's up to you, the Tutorial team, and the J2SE doc manager —
but whatever you do,
you'll have the chance to
learn about interesting technologies,
hone your writing,
and make a difference in the professional lives of developers.
Plus, hey, it's a paying job!

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