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Javadoc: How Do We Improve It?

Posted by walrath on February 6, 2006 at 4:11 PM PST

Ten days ago,
a survey came out
aimed at people who use the automatically generated
API documentation
for the Java platform.
(Many people call this the javadoc,
but, strictly speaking,
that's just the name of the
that produces the API doc.)
Amy Fowler
blogged about the survey back then,
but we want still more responses.
So, if you haven't already...

Please take the

javadoc survey

It's short. It's sweet.
It's your chance to influence the direction of javadoc.
Even if you've already given feedback via comments
on Amy's blog or mine,
please take the survey
so your votes can be counted
and all the feedback kept in one place.

How can you pass up a chance to answer these questions:

  • What source of information
    (online doc, book, article, forum, etc.)
    have you found to be the MOST useful for doing Java development?
  • Which way do you prefer to view J2SE generated API documentation?
  • Which of the following questions would cause you to consult
    the J2SE generated API documentation FIRST?
  • Who's funnier, Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart?

Maybe that last one's not really on the survey,
but the fact that you've read this far
means you certainly have the attention span
the survey requires.
So how about it?

the survey!

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