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Posted by webmink on June 10, 2003 at 11:05 AM PDT

The last few years I have been privileged to moderate a round-table discussion between the leaders of the J2EE community, hosted by JavaPro magazine. Each year I'm struck by the way there is a diverse competitive landscape for Java. This year the diversity was as strong as ever, with great participants like Ted Shelton from Borland (leading their corporate strategy), Graham Hamilton from Sun (the current brains behind J2SE) and David Litwack from Novell (creator of PowerBuilder and now driving web services at Novell).

I'll leave reporting on the content to JavaPro, but for me each year the fact that a competitive round-table is even possible is a cause for celebration and a mark of the success of Java. Within the community we naturally focus on our concerns and issues but seeing a room filled with high-energy companies like Borland, Novell, BEA, Motorola and Sun always reminds me that the openness of the Java community is a remarkable thing.

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