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Big speed step in NeoOffice/J 0.7.1

Posted by webmink on January 4, 2004 at 12:02 PM PST

My friend Max has a new 17" Powerbook so we spent the afternoon gathering the extra software he wanted to get up to fully productive speed. Among the downloads was NeoOffice/J v0.7.1, Patrick Luby's latest release of his Java-front-ended The new version loads and runs way faster than the previous one and I'd really recommend it to Mac users as its compatibility with MS Office is way better than AppleWorks.

One particularly interesting aspect is that Patrick has been able to significantly improve Java2D drawing performance (200% to 300% in some cases) so that NeoOffice/J is nearly as fast as its X11-based 1.0.3 counterpart. NeoOffice/J is all-round excellent - great functionality in a responsive package, and a great demonstration of both the power of the Java environment and the quality of the Java implementation on Mac OS X.

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