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JDS & LookingGlass Webcast Coming

Posted by webmink on January 29, 2004 at 7:23 PM PST

I hear from my friend Neal that the webcast next Tuesday showing Java Desktop System should be good. Apparently Jonathan Schwartz and Peder Ulander will be showing several demos of JDS in action and also demoing the Looking Glass 3D desktop prototype (which Hideya continues to enhance - he's added a panning virtual desktop now as well and is exploring using the reverse of windows to display dialogs).

There's also a Q&A panel live - hope there will be some tough questions for them, I know they are on-the-hook to answer everything that gets asked ;-) I also notice that everyone who (virtually) shows up gets a JDS eval and a copy of StarOffice 7. Amazing how functional these 'virtual seminars' are getting.

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