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Blast from the past

Posted by webmink on January 23, 2012 at 12:19 PM PST

It's been two years since I posted here last, but life has been busy with open source all the same. Having helped a startup with their open source thinking, I'm now independent again and contributing much of my time to the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and to The Document Foundation (TDF), as well as offering open source policy and practice consulting.

That first association with OSI is taking me to FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium for the weekend of February 3-5 to deliver a keynote on their behalf. I've written in more detail why FOSDEM is a must-attend open source event, but I wanted to alert friends in the Java community to the splendid agenda the Free Java Devroom has to offer. The agenda includes Oracle staff such as Mark Reinhold, Dalibor Topi? and Edvard Wendelin, Mike Milinkovic from Eclipse, Stephen O'Grady from RedMonk and real free software hackers like Mario Torre and Andrew Haley. Those latter hackers, by the way, are among the people to whom we owe the existence of OpenJDK, so it's good to value them highly!

I'll be spending some of my time in the Free Java, LibreOffice and Legal Issues Devrooms, so say hi if you visit any of them (or, indeed, my keynote!)

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