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Waiting for JavaOne

Posted by wiverson on June 8, 2003 at 5:00 PM PDT

So, tomorrow is the unofficial first day of JavaOne. Having been to every single JavaOne since it started (and NetscapeOne a year prior), it's become something of a ritual to spend a week in summer at the Moscone.

Several things have changed for the better. First and foremost, the Sony Metreon next door means that one can get decent food during the show without having to catch a cab. Second, I now live in a location next to a BART station, making the trip in to the easy. That and a Palm Tungsten C with 802.11 means that I can still be productive there and back again (and check my email without having to fire up my laptop).

The only thing that isn't better is that Java has become a lot more staid, a lot more of an "enterprise" technology, focused on building (boring) server applications. I'll confess that even though Java was, on some level, stupider when we were all worried about the proverbial "dancing applet," it was a bit more fun. Searching through job postings, one sees a lot more projects that look like "SAP integration with legacy mainframe application" than the sort of interesting, ground-breaking, innovative stuff that originally attracted me to the business.

So. 2003. I just found my 1996 JavaOne shirt in the closet. It's actually somewhat amazing that I still have it - having attended far, far too many tradeshows in my day, I've purged a lot of the corporate t-shirts.

It's been seven years - surely there must be something compelling at the show, or at least buzzing about among the attendees.

I'll let you know if I find anything.

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