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Putting things back together: JSF, EJB 3, Looking Glass, and WA

Posted by wiverson on July 7, 2004 at 1:51 PM PDT

I'd like to preface this entry with a brief comment: do NOT schedule your out-of-state move the same week as JavaOne. More on that in a moment.

I managed to hit (and tremendously enjoy) the first few days of JavaOne this year. Here were the key walk-aways for me:

1. JSF is clearly the future for Java-based web UI development. The model is much richer and coherent that most of the other frameworks I've seen, and the adoption is going to be huge. In particular, I'm looking forward to seeing a robust tool market around JSF. I heard a lot of concerns about missing features from other frameworks, but reading both JavaServer Faces (O'Reilly) and Core JavaServer Faces put my fears to rest.

2. EJB 3.0 is looking good. If you want to get a head-start on a lot of the concepts, check out Hibernate.

3. There is a ton of great new stuff in J2SE 5. Only question, of course, is the usual adoption curve problem...

4. Client-side Java is getting attention again. JDNC, JDIC, and a host of other projects (including many Java desktop projects hosted on are finally pulling things together.

On the web services front, I'd like to mention that I was on a panel at the eBay developer conference the week before JavaOne. I've posted a whitepaper I put together on eBay's web services, interesting stuff if you are trying to evaluate web services for your own company.

Shortly before JavaOne I had a chance to talk with Hideya Kawahara about Project Looking Glass. If you are a client side developer interested in building the generation of rich, interactive, 3D apps, you should check the Project Looking Glass Q&A out.

Oh, and about that move: I've relocated from the California Bay Area to Seattle, WA. Moving over the 4th of July weekend was quite exciting, let me assure you - apparently, half the country moves that weekend. In any event, if you are located in the Seattle area, feel free to drop me a line. I expect to make occasional appearances at the excellent SeaJUG, and also will be pulling together the SeaBUG over the next month or two.

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