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Day 0: NetBeans Day

Posted by wiverson on June 26, 2005 at 11:57 PM PDT

Today was day zero of the show - tutorials and NetBeans Day. In keeping with my ongoing interest in IDEs, I went to NetBeans Day.

There was a good deal of overview and introductions, but there was one big announcement - Sun is open-sourcing their collaboration tools. During the demo, an integrated chat window was shown hooked into NetBeans, with support for both text and audio chat. Simply dragging and dropping a project to an initiated chat session made all of the source assets visible to all parties. The remote user was able to take control and make changes and edits.

The collaboration tools shown are very powerful, both for remote users and even two users across the table from each other. True, this kind of capability has been demonstrated before (on the Mac, SubEthaEdit), but I'm not aware of such a cleanly integrated package, or anything like this for Windows (certainly not open-sourced). Folks use instant messaging software all of the time to collaborate, but it's a clunky affair compared to this.

Oh, and I just checked - they just posted the new Swing form designer, Matisse. There's also an early access of Creator 2.

That's a lot of bits to check out, and the show hasn't even officially started yet.