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Planning for A Decade

Posted by wiverson on June 25, 2005 at 2:10 PM PDT

Tomorrow marks the start of the tenth JavaOne. Having attended every single JavaOne, it's a little disorienting (disturbing?) to think that it's now a decade old.

It looks like the advice for this period includes such pearls of wisdom as "the 10-year-old is very social," and "this may be a relatively calm period," and that the ten-year-old "is concerned about rules."

At first blush, the question seems to be: is there going to be anything interesting at this year's show? I've heard some folks wondering if Java is still interesting, but I think things are just getting started. On my short list for the show:

- Keep a scorecard in the NetBeans vs. Eclipse debate. Personally, I like both IDEs quite a bit, generally using Eclipse for more server-side work and using NetBeans/Creator for front-end development. It may sound a bit insane at first to use two IDEs, but I find that by splitting my time between the two for different projects, I feel a bit less reliant on a particular way of thinking. Things change, and we all win by having these two duke it out.

- See how the EJB 3.0 stuff is going along. I did write a book on Hibernate (blatant plug), and so I'm very interested in how (and when) EJB 3.0 material comes along. A beta of Hibernate annotations is a nice start, but not quite enough.

- I'm particularly interested in anything related to components at the show, as I'm on the expert group for JSR 273: Design-Time API for JavaBeans (JBDT).

- I'm very interested in the various presentation tier web frameworks at the show. I've seen people in forums referring to YAWF (yet another web framework), and there certain is no shortage of entries. I love the idea of the rich JSF component framework, but I'll confess that I'm increasingly sick of the reliance on JSP (as described in Hans Bergsten's Improving JSF by Dumping JSP, dated June 2004). The Echo Framework seems a lot closer to my hopes. Between the ongoing developments of the last year, the next version of Creator, the addition of Ajax to virtually every framework... it's going to be an interesting show for a presentation tier fellow., even after a decade, I'm finding there's still a lot to look forward to this year.

Viva Java!

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