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Cleaning out the desktop project closet

Posted by wsnyder6 on January 23, 2008 at 6:31 PM PST

Cleaning out the project closet.

Like many of you, I've got a few ideas/projects cooking on the backburner. I'm tired of having them sit around. Anyone care about what source to post first?

  • JavaFX - Craigslist searcher
  • JavaFX - The start of a simple checkbook/cashflow app
  • JavaFX - Embedded Browser
  • Swing - Tabbed SSH client
  • Swing - Guitar Chord/Set Manager
  • Swing - Ebay search/filter tool
  • Swing - MLB Gamecast thingy
  • Midlet - Guitar Tuner


Embedded Browser is THE feature that misses in JavaFx. What is the sense of a RIA Platform, which has no (real) possibility to display html-pages (with flash),