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Embedding a web browser in JavaFX

Posted by wsnyder6 on January 12, 2008 at 9:02 PM PST

I wanted to build something to handle my imeem playlists in a simple interface. (I am not in to the social network site stuff, yet I find that free tunes on imeem is hard to resist).

Using the DJ JWebBrowser as a custom JFX component, I was able to get something going.

It'd be nice to see if I could use the JFlashPlayer to control the playlists/songs. Next time...


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Embedding a web browser in

Can you show your code, i am doing a similar aplication in javaFX but i can't instantiate the jwebbrowser, i don't know how initialize the djlibraries required at the begin of the program

Hi Bill, thank you for your impressions! I tried to make the JWebBrowser run under JavaFx, but it didnt render the html. I would be pleased if you add some code snippets to your blog! Greeting Sven

Hi bill, I tried the same but failed, any code help from you?

JavaFX - Embedded Browser I am interested in this...