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Agile 2005 conference call for participation

Posted by wwake on February 6, 2005 at 4:18 AM PST

See The due date for tutorials and workshops is March 1; for Experience reports, research papers, and the educators' symposium is March 15.

Call for Participation - Agile 2005

July 24-29, 2005. Marriott Hotel, Denver, Colorado, USA.

March 1: Submissions due for Tutorials and Workshops

March 15: Submissions due for Research Papers, Experience Reports, and
Educators' Symposium

Agile 2005 integrates the best features of the Agile Development Conference
and XP Agile Universe to create an exciting conference about techniques and
technologies, attitudes and policies, research and experience, and the
management and development sides of agile software development. The agile
approach focuses on delivering business value early in the project lifetime
and being able to incorporate late-breaking requirements changes. It
accentuates the use of rich, informal communication channels and frequent
delivery of running, tested systems, while attending to the human component
of software development.

Agile 2005 gives attendees access to the latest thinking in this domain, and
bridges communities that rarely get a proper chance to exchange ideas and
thoughts. It brings together researchers from labs and academia with
executives, managers, and developers in the trenches of software
development. Agile 2005 is not about a single methodology or approach, but
rather provides a forum for the exchange of information regarding all agile
development technologies.

We invite submissions for the following:

  • Research Papers
  • Experience Reports
  • Tutorials
  • Workshops / Peer to Peer Sessions
  • Educators' Symposium

Other conference activities include:

  • Introduction to Agile (for Agile "newbies")
  • Executive Summit
  • Open Space


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