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Extreme Test Makeover

Posted by wwake on April 15, 2006 at 11:13 AM PDT

Brian Marick and I are co-hosting a session, "Extreme Test Makeover," at the Agile Conference, currently scheduled for Monday, July 24.

The idea is that you bring your code and tests, ready to run. We'll have a number of people who are experts in unit testing and acceptance testing, to help you improve and extend your tests. Some people who are planning to help include Ward Cunningham, Ron Jeffries, Jim Shore, Janet Gregory, Charlie Poole, and others.

Our ideal is that you bring production code and tests, so you can walk away with concrete, ready-to-go improvements. But you can bring whatever you want that's interesting enough to test.

The sessions will be 90 minutes long, including five minutes up-front for experts to talk, and ten minutes at the end to record lessons learned. Some sessions will be intimate, you and the expert and perhaps a couple people looking over your shoulder. For others, we plan to have a projector and microphone so many others can look on.

Brian has set up a yahoo group: test-makeover to let people connect with the artists. There will be a signup sheet at the conference too.

I hope you'll join us!

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