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Extreme Test Makeover at Agile '06

Posted by wwake on July 26, 2006 at 7:02 PM PDT

Brian Marick and I hosted "Extreme Test Makeover," where people could bring their laptops with code and tests, and have an experienced tester/programmer review them.

Observations by participants:

  • Watij tests in Fit are too long/confusing to read for customer.
    • You could write it in JUnit instead of Fit

    • Break them up into small focused tests
  • Neat new delegate syntax (with .Net 2.0)
  • Descriptive variable names are good [even] for short term variables.
  • Keep tests focused on one purpose - If a test needs 3 things to work, create 3 tests
  • Generic isn't always useful.

Thanks to our participants and our experts: Bob Martin, Brian Button,
Janet Gregory, JB Rainsberger, Jim Newkirk, Jim Shore, Lisa Crispin,
Micah Martin, Randy Coulman, and Ward Cunningham.

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