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The Last JavaOne 2007 Wrap-up

Posted by xelipe on June 18, 2007 at 8:11 AM PDT

Even though it has been more than a month since JavaOne, I hope you enjoy this blog post here where I list the best of the best at this year's JavaOne. Feel free to contribute your best experience or top moment from JavaOne 2007!

JavaOne Wrap-ups
JavaOne wrap-up, from Gosling
JavaOne 2007 Wrapup, from Javalooby
JavaOne 2007 Wrap-up, Final Thoughts, and Open Questions, from Wolf Paulus
JavaOne 2007 Wrap-up, from Netzooid
JavaOne 2007 Conference Notes, from Juixe

Tips for JavaOne organizers
Allow the speaker to change the which machine (demo or slide) is used for the projector.
Everybody is here for the 'wow' factor, not dry details they could have read when they are at home.
Those that get hit in the head with giveaways should get to keep them.
Make available the PDF slides as soon as the session is over, or that same day.
Make available the PDF slides under a creative commons license.
Make available photographs and video of the conference, under a creative commons license.

Tips for JavaOne participants
Introduce yourself to those near you, you never know who you will meet!
Have plenty of business cards and be generous about passing them out.
There is a secret session, lunch. Talk to those around you.
Join the JCP or start your own project on
Bring your camera and take pictures of slides.
Do your research, ask questions, enjoy.

Tips for JavaOne speakers
Have giveaway shirts, everybody loves shirts!
Make available your presentation and sample code in your blog.
Recommend sessions that augment your material.

Kewl Projects, Demos, and Links
Xerto Imagery
Spar Framework
Swing-Clarity Framework
NASA World Wind
Project DarkStar
JavaFX Script
Project Wonderland
Iris - Browse Flickr Photos

Best Swag
Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide from Adobe
USB drive from GlassFish
T-Shirt from Eclipse
T-Shirt from JBoss

Top Selling Books
Java concurrency in Practice
Core JavaServer Faces
Java Puzzlers
Effective Java Programming Language Guide
Rich client Programming
Here is the official best sellers from the JavaOne Conference Bookstore.

Personal Favorite Session
Extreme GUI Makeover 2007
Being Productive in Swing
JavaFX Script
Why Spaghetti Is Not Tasty
Web 3.0 - This is the Semantic Web

Favorite Quotes
The back button is something that is breaking society.
-- David Wroton, Putting a Swing Front End on a Web Application

Final is the new private.
-- Joshua Bloch, Effective Java Reloaded

Collections API where designed for what is type-safe, not what is sensible.
-- William Pugh, Java Puzzlers

The definition of Hell is working with dates in Java, JDBC, and Oracle. Every single one of them screw it up.
-- Dick Wall, Lunch with the Java Posse

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