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Apr 18, 2014

The past two completed polls and the current poll all celebrate the formal release of Java 8. The first poll asked for your view of the significance of Java 8, while the second poll asked when you plan to download Java 8. A total of 262 votes were cast in the first poll, which completed two weeks ago. The exact question and results were: How significant is the Java 8 release? 21...
on Apr 18, 2014

Apr 14, 2014

If you missed the Java 8 Launch Live Webcast, or if you'd like to re-review the webcast, or if you'd like to view more in depth presentations about specific areas of Java 8 (including Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8, Java ME 8, and the Internet of Things and The Enterprise) -- then, you'll want to visit the Java 8 Launch site that Oracle has put together. The site is an excellent collection of...
on Apr 14, 2014