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Sun Grid

I don't know whether the expression "Buridan's Donkey" has the same meaning in english as in italian (I've just recenly discovered that the latin "qui(d) pro quo" has nowadays different meanings in english and romance languages). In any case, the history is about a donkey that starved and died since it had a lot of alternate foods to eat and it couldn't decide which was the most tasty to start...
on May 12, 2007
Unfortunately in these days I don't have much time for blogging. Work is going on and we're optimizing the code for the Sun Grid in order to take advantage of the shared file system and to avoid serializing all the images through the network. If you happen to be at JavaPolis next week, we will be talking about the project in a BoF Wednesday evening.
on Dec 8, 2006
Unfortunately in these days I'm pretty busy and I don't have the time for extensively blogging - but I'm happy to say that Mistral, the imaging engine designed for extreme scalability from the multi-core up to the Grid, has been run successfully for the first time on the Sun Grid. :-) It was really exciting to look at the logs and see that the application was scheduled on 102 CPUs 8-). The...
on Nov 29, 2006
Howdy. I've been quiet at for a while and I wanted to fill in a few gaps. A few months ago, I went through with a few major life changes that had been in the works. I ended my 6 year career on Wall Street -- opting for a change -- and moved to sunny Phoenix, AZ. Change I got! So, now my wife is working at Arizona State University as a paleo-molecular-bio-inorganic-geo-chemical...
on Jul 18, 2006
I'm sitting here watching Van and his team describe the benefits of Java and Jini in the construction of grid technologies that bridge heterogeneous networks (including firewalls), systems / operating environments and deal with Deutsch's Fallacies of Networking to assist in massively parallel processing (master-worker pattern) - and cannot help but say, pretty cool... In a...
on May 18, 2006
Today, another early access version of Compute Server (version 0.2) was released at a new location in the recently formed Sun Grid Developer Community. Although it contains relatively minor feature enhancements, today's release contains a major enhancement in its licensing -- both binary and source code are now available under the Apache License, v2.0. This is also the first source code release...
on May 3, 2006
If you're using Compute Server and you're not already a test driven developer, then this blog is for you! Time to roll up your sleeves and test the Compute Server project that you've created. Besides, it will save you from needlessly spending $$$ debugging your project on the Sun Grid Compute Utility. Assuming you've already downloaded the latest version and installed the NetBeans 5.0 plug-in...
on Apr 5, 2006
The recently created Compute Server project aims to enable Java developers to easily and efficiently use the Sun Grid Compute Utility as a platform for the distributed execution of parallel jobs. The following diagram describes currently "How It Works" from 50,000 feet. I thought it might be helpful to walk through this diagram and describe each step in more depth. In the above diagram,...
on Mar 30, 2006
What makes distributed computing so darn hard? Well, to start with, so much can go wrong. Networks change. Network speeds fluctuate. Networks fail. Nodes fail. And more. Are you testing all these scenarios? Time has shown that we tend to make a number of assumptions when building and testing distributed applications that, in the long run, turn out to be false. Ignoring the falsity of...
on Mar 23, 2006
It's a great day! It was just announced that the Sun Grid Compute Utility is open to the public. As a software quality engineer for a number of advanced technologies for distributed systems, I can't think of a better test bed for qualifying my distributed applications! Just think of all the mundane things I don't need to do anymore... I don't need to submit and wait for large purchase order...
on Mar 22, 2006
Sun Grid's resource management semantics basically dictate that jobs be self-contained, and terminate all processes in order to exit. The problem with terminating processes in a grid context is that it's not quite as simple as doing a PID trap on a single host, instead, you need to use the qsub, qstat and qdel commands to better manage your distributed jobs. The example pattern that I'd like...
on Mar 20, 2006
There is really a fantastic set of resources available in the Sun Developer Network (SDN). The Sun Grid Community makes active use of both the Java.NET and SDN forums to try and maintain a balance of church and state. I've been told that as part of a Beta program, access to SDN Developer Assistance is free, as in Beer (for a limited time), so please do sign-up and take advantage of this...
on Nov 16, 2005
Sun Grid looks like a traditional IT stack, exposing common interfaces to enable developers and ISV's to target different abstraction layers: The core environment is made up of a "Resource Factory" (RF), a production plant that is optimized to produce power at appropriately consumable chunks (balancing the economics of operations/distribution against typically demanded performance units)....
on Nov 15, 2005