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She just turned three, and she ... recognizes the Java logo and say "Java!!" recognizes Duke and say "luke!!" recognizes Hudson logo and say "Hudson!!" likes singing the "Java java jing-jing-jing" song, although the only part she can really sing is the endless repeat of "java java jing-jing-jing." Hmm... where did I make a mistake?
on Apr 13, 2008
Yesterday I made a presentation about Java platforms, it was an introductory session for students and graduates in Faculty of Science AinShams University. It is the same session I did last week with some additions like Security, Connection Management, Scalability and Messaging. Download file
on Apr 13, 2008
This JUG Community panel session I organized was accepted for CommunityOne. Yes! The slides and the resource links are available now for this session. It is not too late to register for CommunityOne being held on May 5th at Moscone Center. CommunityOne attendees will enjoy free access to the JavaOne Pavilion and General Sessions on Tuesday, May 6th. Registration is free, but space is limited, so...
on Apr 11, 2008
Today, I have visited Faculty of Engineering at Shubra "Banha University" and made a presentation in the IEEE event. The session was about "What is Java platforms?!". It is a basic introduction about Java for the students, less than 10 students using Java there !! Download file
on Apr 10, 2008
We just published the program for Jazoon'08, check out the conference webpage Jazoon. Speakers at Jazoon'08 include: Dion Almaer, Founder of Ajaxian Bela Ban on Cluster your POJOs with PojoCache Cédric Beust on A quick guide to modern languages and interesting concepts for the busy Java programmer Adam Bien on Glassfish V2/V3 - the killer appserver for development and production Joshua Bloch,...
on Apr 2, 2008
A very smart comment by JavaLobby played with words and called "the IDEs of March" (*) the event that saw two italian JUGs to organize a new edition of the IDE shootout initiated by JUG Cologne. Now that the event is over, I can say that it has been a success: 200 persons could enjoy Roman Strobl (Sun Microsystems), Paolo Ramasso (Oracle) and Vaclav Pech (JetBrains) demonstrating the virtues of...
on Mar 18, 2008
On February 28, James Gosling gave a presentation in Sun's Santa Clara Campus auditorium (formerly a part of the Agnews Insane Asylum :-)), entitled “Feel of Java Revisited”. The talk promised to revisit the classic Feel of Java paper that famously declared “Java is a blue collar language”. (SJSU students: Go here for free access to the paper.) I teach a graduate class...
on Mar 1, 2008
Hi guys, Yesterday I got the acceptance email for our session on this-year's CommunityOne conference. Me(Bulgarian JUG), Michael Van Riper(Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG), Chris Richardson(East Bay JUG, Oakland), Abdel Remani(Chico JUG, CA), Paul Webber(San Diego JUG), Bruno Souza(SouJava JUG, Brazil), Peter Pilgrim (Java Web User Group, UK), Michael Huttermann (Cologne JUG), Fabrizio...
on Feb 28, 2008
Microsoft? Yes, Microsoft will be a Golden sponsor in the Java Developer Conference which organized by the Egyptian Java User Group. Why? Because Microsoft has something to show to the Java developers and Open Source fans. Integrating the Java platform with .net platform is a serious topic which Java Developers should be aware with. Also it will be interesting for .net developers. Microsoft...
on Feb 28, 2008
On my personal blog you can find a short outline of what went on during the "Java Developer Day" (2008) in Athens, Greece.
on Feb 21, 2008
I'm deeply saddened to share the news that Steve Metsker passed away last Friday. Steve Metsker was a member of and speaker for the Richmond JUG. Steve was also the author of the following books: Design Patterns in C#, Design Patterns Java Workbook, Building Parsers in Java. Steve, his wife Alison, my husband and I enjoyed sharing our experiences about working and living in Switzerland. There...
on Feb 11, 2008
I would like to announce that I have been nominated by Sun Microsystems and Sun Java Champions Community to be a Sun Java Champion. It is my honor to be the first Java Champion in Egypt and the MENA! This nomination will recharge my power to continue working for the community. I am sure that Egypt is full of champions, I am calling them to show...
on Feb 7, 2008
Then send us an email (together with a proof of full time enrollment at a recognized university or college) at and receive a 3 days full conference pass for only EUR 29! Included is also all drinks and food... More information is available here: Registration details To register now click here: Registration
on Feb 5, 2008
We are very happy to announce the first list of topics which will be covered at Jazoon. Check back on my blog for further announcements. Topics covered by experts at Jazoon'08: AJAX, Greg Murray, Sun Microsystems GlassFish, Jerome Dochez, Sun Microsystems Google Gears, Dion Almaer, Google Java ME, Terrence Barr, Sun Microsystems Open DS, Ludovic Poitou, Sun Microsystems Open ESB, Suresh Potiny...
on Jan 31, 2008
Did you know that JUG leaders will get a free 3 day conference pass (including lunch, plenty of soft drinks, coffee and free flow pop corn!)? All you have to do is to write us at and support Jazoon'08 as a supporting JUG. See the list of supporting JUG's here: JUG members from all over the world can apply for...
on Jan 31, 2008
Hi guys, from quite a long time I have been traveling really a lot. And the fact that I have so much traveling involved in my work, is not all bad. I mean, yes, you live in a hotel, away from your family and your friends, but there's also another side of the coin. For the last few months I was able to visit a lot of the Java User Groups in Europe. I was on a JUG meeting in Düsseldorf with...
on Jan 28, 2008
Lately I find myself travelling to Europe often on various occasions. First, I'll be in Prague next week and talk about GlassFish v3 in CZJUG. I'll be then in FOSDEM 2008 and talk about Hudson. FOSDEM website now has my interview. Hope you find it a fun read.
on Jan 23, 2008
How Java is popular in Egypt? In my interview with Geertjan Wielenga, he asked me this question, I think Java popularity is around 25% in Egypt. Some friends asked me verbally about the reason behind my opinion. .net platform is very popular because of .net is popular in universities, very easy to learn and TA's can easily work through it. In some egypian universities, you will not find any...
on Jan 19, 2008
With the help of several other JUG Leaders, I have put together a world map of Java User Group (JUG) locations. It is setup as a KML map file that can be loaded into Google Maps or Google Earth. With my help, Aaron Houston put together a similar world map for Java Champion locations. Through the beauty of KML Network Links, we were able to easily combine the two maps with no duplication of map...
on Jan 14, 2008