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Java Patterns

One of the first tasks that I performed for my employer was to diagnose and resolve a several minutes long CPU spike on the database server for one of our J2EE applications. All of our servers were well monitored, and without much ado we were able to pin the spike on a specific use case. As it turns out, the culprit was a use case for exporting Loan Application records from our company to a...
on Apr 26, 2004
Introduction In this article I want to explain an architectural model that I use often called "parts and pipelines" using an example. This model is especially useful in declrative programming. This article will start by introducing an example where a web page will update some content on the server side. The quoted example will be analyzed to explain parts, pipelines, and declarative programming....
on Feb 6, 2004
Introduction Nowadays "type" is an important programming language construct. A type gives a certain authenticity and a certain gurantee and a certain solidity to the programming practice, not to mention the metadata aspects of it while using IDEs. By the same token it binds you to that contract and could prove to be inflexible at times. In the web world things are fluid: hashtables, dictionaries...
on Jan 27, 2004
Exceptions is one area where opinions differ considerably. Not only about the usage of exceptions but also about the need and utility of checked exceptions. I hear arguments from various sides. They all seem valid in their own right. I use interfaces heavily in my coding practice. Particularly in my J2EE tool Aspire. Over time I paid dearly for not declaring exceptions on these interfaces....
on Jan 2, 2004
First, take a look at the following URL. And if you are keen about the story behind it you can proceed to read the rest. Knowledge Folders of Satya Komatineni Like many other I-will-do-it-myself programmers I have ended up with my own blogging software at about the same time as the OSCON 2003. I had been planning on adding seemingly simple enhancements since then. Never gotten around to it. I...
on Jan 1, 2004
Filters is an architectural concept that works hand in hand with factories. When factories create object or objects a filter provide an option to post-process these object or objects. This ability may not be as important in procedural and OO coding but place an important role in declarative programming. Because "declarative programming" when used as a supporting architecture for OO programming,...
on Dec 18, 2003
As the story goes God devised multiple languages so that men can't build sturctures that span to the heavens. In our small world of programming architectures the men and women of the world are quite busy (with out much help from any Overseer) constructing a confusion of their own. The name of this confusion is called "Configuration". The larger and more complex an architecture is the simpler its...
on Nov 25, 2003
"Nothing but Java? by Daniel H Steinberg -- Since before launched in June (before it was called we had this notion that the content would not need to be restricted to Java-centric topics but should be of interest to Java developers. There may be Perl or Python related content that might interest you." The above web log prompted me to crystalize an idea that is at the back of...
on Nov 24, 2003
Here at my company our business is all about forms. I’m not talking about HTML forms; I’m talking about business forms such as loan applications, tax reporting statements, etc. We’ve got quite a collection of applications that deal with our forms, and we’ve implemented them in everything from COBOL to Java. We’ve got desktop based applications, browser based...
on Nov 3, 2003