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Learn how to build communities on your portal with Sun Java System Portal Server 7 from a screencast by Maneesha Jain at Sun. The GUI steps clearly demonstrate the related tasks: build public, private, or custom communities; manage memberships; enable subscriptions; create discussion groups; conduct searches, surveys, or polls; create wikis; share files through uploads or downloads; manage blogs...
on May 15, 2007
Great news! You can now download from OpenPortal, Sun's open-source portal project, the source code for Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1. That release includes capabilities galore: identity-based content, shared files, communities (wikis, blogs, and such), NetBeans and Eclipse plug-ins for developing portlets. For details, see the related blog on The Portal Post.
on May 8, 2007
This is short notice; still, better late than never. JavaOne attendees who are interested in portals, Ajax, and portlets, don't miss the Birds of a Feather (BOF) session #4664, Dynamic Portals and Ajax in Portlets, at 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 8. The presenters are Greg Ziebold and Jay Suri, both portal gurus at Sun.Greg's blog contains more details. The list of topics spells Web 2.0—...
on May 7, 2007
Newly published Open-Source Portal Initiative at Sun, Part 3: Portlet Container elaborates on the Enterprise-Class Portlet Container Open Source Project and an associated release, Portlet Container 1.0. Specifically, you learn about the project's goals and future plans; also the design and capabilities of Portlet Container 1.0. Further, the article steps you through the procedures for installing...
on Mar 23, 2007
New on Sun Developer Network is a succinct overview of the portlet API standards, Introducing Java Portlet Specifications: JSR 168 and JSR 286, both Java Community Processes. The overview also describes the open-source projects Portlet Container 1.0 and the NetBeans Portlet Plug-in. Take a look, too, at the slick and useful portlets cited as examples: the Weather Portlet hosted with the article...
on Mar 19, 2007
Take a look at the short tutorial by Umachitra Damodaran at Sun, Portlet Creation Made Easy, and her blog posting regarding her pleasant surprise of an experience with NetBeans IDE and Java Application Platform SDK Update 3 Preview.Portlet development is engendering a lot of support from the related software and standards. Just the tip of the iceberg? Surely sounds like it.
on Mar 15, 2007
If you are looking for the Portal Zone here it is: the new and improved Portal Zone
on Mar 4, 2007
Do take a look at the robust and rich capabilities in Sun Java System Portal Server 7 for building community portals. The pointers to two blogs and a brief screencast with a demo are on a blog on The Portal Post.Paul Hinz's blog describes the community activities as being virtual and dynamic. Truly impressive.
on Jan 19, 2007
In a brand-new Sun Developer Network article, Best Practices for Applying AJAX to JSR 168 Portlets, Sun engineer Greg Ziebold shares his insight on how to call other application resources, maintain the portlet state, use a JavaScript library, and head off possible namespace collisions. As an example, Greg refers to AJAX Portlet Invoice Viewer, a sample you can download.Dynamic content on portals...
on Sep 5, 2006
Portal developers might want to bookmark and regularly visit The Portal Post, a valuable collection of portal-related resources that debuted in late May. Contributors are Sun engineers, architects, and other subject-matter experts.Also note the blog roll in the left navigation area. The bloggers frequently post technical news, tips, hints, and concepts on all things portal.
on Aug 28, 2006
Mashups, Web applications that combine data from multiple sources, are an amazing enhancement for portals and user experience. A recent Sun Developer Network article, Building Mashup Portlets, tells you how to build and deploy them and describes the caveats to watch for. The technologies behind the scenes are AJAX and JavaScript and the deployment platform, Sun Java System Portal Server 7.I...
on Aug 28, 2006
In a recent article I cowrote with Sun Java System Portal Server engineer Manish Gupta, Publishing JSR 168 Portlets as Remote Portlets With WSRP, we described the procedures involved in Sun Java System Portal Server 7, which is free for download. Afterwards, your WSRP consumer portal can consume or display those remote portlets as local ones.No programming is necessary—...
on Jul 28, 2006
A technical article that I cowrote with Ed Chen, a Sun Java System Portal Server engineer, Building IPC Portlets for Sun Java System Portal Server 7 With Sun Java Studio Creator 2, is a step-by-step tutorial on how to build JSR 168 portlets that are aware of each other's behavior. The sample application Ed provided illustrates the case well. Looks like a really neat thing to do! I hope you'll...
on Jun 15, 2006
A technical article just published on, Creating Dynamically Generated Charts in Portlets, steps you through the process of building dynamic images on JSR 168-compliant portlets by means of the open-source JFreeChart library APIs. Mainly, it involves the creation of a portlet.xml file. A flow chart in the article clearly illustrates the sequence of events.Dynamic graphics are...
on Jun 7, 2006
Someone recently asked me pointers to blogs that usually talk about JSR 168 Portlets and WSRP. Here is the list I sent him (in no particular order). If you know of any other interesting blog, do leave a comment Punit Pandey Subbu Allamaraju Roy Russo Lokesh Pant
on Mar 14, 2006
I am pretty sure that this year will witness a lot of significant developments in the area of J2EE portals. The Portlet 2.0 spec (JSR 286) has been kicked off after an impasse of more than 2 years. The Portlet 2.0 EG promises to deliver an early public draft very soon followed by a public draft by mid 2006 and a final version by end of 2006. The WSRP 2.0 spec is also expected to finalize this...
on Jan 12, 2006
We are proud to announce what is perhaps the biggest milestone for the Sun Portal platform - The Sun Java System Portal Server 7. With a dedicated, global team of engineers working round the clock backed by a excellent management team, I believe we have delivered a product that can give our competition a run for their money :) Portal 7 places a heavy emphasis on today's collaborative or...
on Jan 2, 2006
Enterprise portal developers would likely find a new technical article helpful and illuminating: Configuring IDEs for Portal Development and Deployment. It answers an often-asked question, "How do I set up an IDE specifically for building and deploying portals?" The article cites Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 and Apache Ant as example tools and explains the configuration process with project...
on Oct 19, 2005
I started investigating JSR-168, the portlet specification, a few months back, as part of a larger project to convert a legacy MIS into a Java-based system running on Tomcat. I started by writing some test code to try and characterize how portlets and servlets interact, as I was curious how a portal container like Pluto would be able to work within the confines of the servlet API. If you'...
on Feb 2, 2005
Although this month's tip is entitled, "Internalizing Your Portlets", you can use resource bundles for non-internalized portlets. Why would you want to? Well, for one, it would give you a central place to put all of your messages. Two, you can be assured that you don't have similar yet different messages in your application. If you say it one way in one part of the application, why not say it...
on Jan 5, 2005