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I have to admit that I am a great fan of RSS. And I have always considered RSS feeds to be Web Services. Alright, they might not technically qualify to be Web Services according to the W3C definition. However they are sort of a stripped-down and cheap version or what I would like to call a "poor man's" version of web services. Why do I feel so ? Let's try comparing the formal web service...
on Dec 14, 2004
Just noticed today that the second part to the JSR-168 portlet article is available at sys-con's JDJ site. You can read the article at: Understanding Portals and Portlets - Part 2 In case you missed the first part, it's still available at: Understanding Portals and Portlets - Part 1 Happy Readings :-)
on Dec 9, 2004
I have been having this interesting conversation with the developer of JOSSO, an open source Single Sign On framework. The good news from JOSSO is that they can integrate with Pluto, potentially providing a great open source identity template for portal infrastructures. Now what's Identity and how does it relate to portals ? After having worked a good year and a half with the Sun Identity...
on Dec 9, 2004
When a user submits data to a portlet (whether in a form, or parameters added to the end of an HTTP request), these values are normally passed to the target action method. The question is, how do you pass them on to the render method or a JSP? Head on over to the portlet community to find out more. When you get there, check out the Community Tips on the left hand side. Don't forget to check back...
on Dec 7, 2004
Someone sent me an e-mail tonight wondering if I knew what Portlet filters would be like when they are finally defined in the JSR, and I'd like to share the question along with the answer I provided them with. First, the question: > > >Hi, > >read your article, very interesting indeed. > >There was one thing about the future of JSR-168 I didn't understand: >What are theses filters? What benefit...
on Nov 28, 2004
It gives me pleasure to announce the creation of the Portlet community at This is an online community of developers and technical experts working on JSR 168, WSRP and other technologies related to enterprise portals. You can expect to find two things here: Information: The first focus of this community is to share information amongst developers. To that end, you can find...
on Nov 22, 2004
I just recently learned of a site that is currently hosting a Portal Software Poll to determine what the market share of each Portal platform happens to be. If you're interested in either participating in the poll or just viewing the results, please visit the site. There are also some interesting things related to Portals and Portlets on the site as well. Also, check out Punit Pandey's Blog. It...
on Nov 17, 2004
Just thought the community might want to keep tabs on the latest regarding Portals and Portlets. The following link points to an article I wrote for Sys-Con about the subject. The article is a two part article running in Sys-Con Java Programmer's Journal during the months of Nov 2004 and Dec 2004, entitled: Understanding Portals and Portlets">...
on Nov 17, 2004
There was a time when the only portals I knew were those of the Diablo kind. If you are not exactly a gaming freak, Diablo is an RPG where you get to play as the lone warrior battling the forces of evil. Every once in a while, you use a magic scroll (called the scroll of town portal) to open a dazzling blue gateway. You then run through it to your nearest base and regain your lost health and...
on Aug 14, 2004