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Look at J2EE servers: Before, you had iPlanet AppSrv 6 then you had Sun One Application Server 7 now, you have Java System Application Server 7/8. Look at Java IDE: Before you had Forté For Java Then you had Sun One Studio Now, you have Sun Java Studio Impossible in those conditions that people have good opinions of Sun and their products in general. Each time you convince the...
on Nov 22, 2003
Corporations are sponsoring OpenSource projects. Economical reasons aside it gives a good PR, because OpenSource is in fashion these days. But are these projects really open? Sometimes it feels they are not... Sometimes it's just the visibility: source code is open under OSI-approved license, there's a publicly accessible bugtracker, mailing lists and ... that's all. There's no real openness out...
on Nov 9, 2003
I like freedom. And certainly freedom in coding style. Why am I obliged to follow the team convention <pre>public static final String hello = "HelloWorld";</pre> in place of my convention <pre>final static public String hello = "HelloWorld";</pre> Why am I obliged to declare variables of the class before the constructor and methods, and not after ?...
on Nov 9, 2003