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Unless you've checked out the latest NetBeans 4.0 RC1 release, you really don't know beans about NetBeans. If you've been using the 3.x line of NetBeans for a while, this new version may be somewhat challenging at first. The entire project configuration is built around ANT. The move to ANT might be confusing at first. Of course, there are ways to import existing projects that do not have an ANT...
on Dec 2, 2004
The NetBeans open source project has announced that the NetBeans IDE 4.0 Beta 2 is now available. 65 of the 900 bugs fixed are performance related. Some of the cool enhancements include: J2SE 1.5 - The tiger is in the tank of this release! metadata, generics, enumerated types and autoboxing of primitive types are now suported in the IDE and debugger. Ant-based projects - Ant is now the...
on Sep 30, 2004
Dear all, Did you remember one of my blog concerning the usage of Ant to manage project ? It seems that Netbeans people read my blog and will use Ant-Driven Project in next release of NetBeans. I really think it will be a plus. But the really good new is that they success to hide the fact that their new notion of project is managed by Ant script. You really can ignore the fact. But,...
on Apr 22, 2004
The 21 and 22 February, in brussel, belgium, were organized the fourth session of FOSDEM. Ian Formanek, of NetBeans, had two sessions planned for FOSDEM 2004. During his talk, Ian did a presentation of new features integrated into NetBeans IDE 3.6 Beta but also, and that was a sneak preview, features integrated into NetBeans IDE 4.0. Especially the Ant Based Project Management System. Normally,...
on Mar 1, 2004
NetBeans team announced some weeks ago the near future of NetBeans. Already last month it was possible to test the new window systems integrated in the trunk release. Very nice result. You can Drag & Drop windows, Tabulations, as you want. maximize the editor, change order of tabulation, ... see if the method is well an overriding method manage tasklist A lot of nice and very useful...
on Dec 12, 2003
Today, like yesterday, I had the possibility to follow somes conference at Javapolis, organized by the Belgian Java User Group BEJUG. I missed the one concerning OptimalJ (based upon netBeans) of Compuware, because it was at the same moment of the conference concerning JSF, presented by Craig R. McClanahan. But At the end of this afternoon, I followed the conference given by Robert Brewin, the...
on Dec 4, 2003
Ant is today the de facto standard to compile, test, deploy your application. But, you are not developping with Ant, you are developping with an IDE And when you write your project in the IDE, you can compile it, test it, debug it, deploy it. And then, you want to put in place the daily build. And therefore you have to build your ant build.xml file from scratch. Even if your IDE is already...
on Nov 22, 2003
Look at J2EE servers: Before, you had iPlanet AppSrv 6 then you had Sun One Application Server 7 now, you have Java System Application Server 7/8. Look at Java IDE: Before you had Forté For Java Then you had Sun One Studio Now, you have Sun Java Studio Impossible in those conditions that people have good opinions of Sun and their products in general. Each time you convince the...
on Nov 22, 2003
Corporations are sponsoring OpenSource projects. Economical reasons aside it gives a good PR, because OpenSource is in fashion these days. But are these projects really open? Sometimes it feels they are not... Sometimes it's just the visibility: source code is open under OSI-approved license, there's a publicly accessible bugtracker, mailing lists and ... that's all. There's no real openness out...
on Nov 9, 2003
I like freedom. And certainly freedom in coding style. Why am I obliged to follow the team convention <pre>public static final String hello = "HelloWorld";</pre> in place of my convention <pre>final static public String hello = "HelloWorld";</pre> Why am I obliged to declare variables of the class before the constructor and methods, and not after ?...
on Nov 9, 2003