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on Sep 1, 2010
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on Jul 8, 2010
Entry posted to my new blog.
on Apr 26, 2010
Geertjan Wielenga pointed out the Raytheon Virtual Control enterprise management and control system, "yet another NetBeans Platform application in the defense sector." I'm sure I must have sent out an application for employment to Raytheon multiple times during my career as a software engineer, since they have offices in my region and the work is in the sector where I've done most of my...
on Mar 31, 2010
On Twitter, there was a tweet from @javatools asking "Want to help testing NetBeans and have your name included in the NetBeans source code?" and pointing us to rkusterer's Time to Join the NetBeans Community Testing Programs! page: "The NetBeans Team is pleased to announce the return of its two community testing programs, NetCAT and NetFIX, for the NetBeans IDE 6.9 release cycle. NetBeans 6.9...
on Mar 9, 2010
I recently got pointed to that link: I read the news with some pleasure reminding me that I still like Ant based builds very much over Maven in many cases. Of course there are a lot of well maintained projects on the web that work very well with Maven. You never know how many enthusiasts-hours have been spent to make that happen. However, in...
on Feb 17, 2010
According to the PrimeFaces website, "PrimeFaces is an open source component suite for Java Server Faces featuring 70+ Ajax powered rich set of JSF components. Additional TouchFaces module features a UI kit for developing mobile web applications.". Since it is an OpenSource JSF implementation that is very close to releasing JSF 2.0 compliant components, I figured it was time to try it...
on Jan 7, 2010
The long awaited and the most looked upon version of GlassFish released today. GlassFish v3 fully implements Java EE 6 specification which means EJB 3.1, Servlet 3, JAX-RS, JPA 2, Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE, Bean validation, Java EE profiles and so on.  GlassFish is not only the most up to date application server but it also benefits from a very good architecture. GlassFish...
on Dec 17, 2009
NetBeans 6.8 released coordinated with GlassFish v3 today. NetBeans 6.8 can be considered a fine step ahead of NetBeans because Sun is officially supporting the NetBeans RCP platform as a product from now on. NetBeans 6.8 features are as follow: Java Enterprise Edition 6 support Web Projects with JavaServer Faces 2.0 (Facelets) JavaFX 1.2.1 support Connected Developer Full support...
on Dec 17, 2009
Well, NetBeans RCP is a flagship product of NetBeans Project which the famous NetBeans IDE is based on it. To reuse an already opened TopComponent in an RCP application we can use a code similar to following listing, Assume that the TopComponent name is ContractorInfoTopComponent and we want to reuse the already opened tab instead of creating a new one. Set tset = WindowManager.getDefault()....
on Aug 6, 2009
I've coauthored two books about programming, and in both I heard the complaint (paraphrasing) "There wasn't one cohesive example that was built up chapter-through-chapter." There's a reason for that. Back in the 90's, I did a lot of programming in Delphi, and bought many hundreds of dollars worth of books. By far the best, for my purposes, was Delphi Component Design - and the reason I loved...
on Jul 6, 2009
NetBeans 6.7 is available for download. NetBeans team decided to release more often to provide developers with new features sooner than later. This new release model ensure that as soon as a set of certain features are developed and stabilized can be accessed by developers to develop faster, easier and with more confidence over availability of support for latest standards and frameworks. NetBeans...
on Jun 29, 2009
A few people know that since I was 11 I've been writing and recording music. I recently created a ReverbNation profile to share some of it. Of course, I can't resist prefacing a song with a bit about what it's about and how it got written. So I'll embed the player in this blog and tell a story or two. It's a hard thing, to decide what to say about a song or any work of art you've created -...
on Jun 24, 2009
Over the years, a few people have come across and used a bit of code I wrote for Imagine. You basically have the problem that Java image data is stored on the heap as giant byte[] arrays and you quickly run out of memory. One of the JDK team guys assured me about two years ago that with JDK 7 this would no longer be a problem - but I got no sense that he either understood what the problem was,...
on May 31, 2009
One of the first games I ever wrote, circa 1982, was a version of Pong for the TRS-80. Yes, pong - with the two paddles and bouncing ball. Now there's a NetBeans plugin! I had a pong game when I was in about 3rd grade. It plugged into the black and white TV in the kitchen, had two paddles and one switch for ball speed. The real fun was when the cat would stand up with her paws on the bottom...
on May 31, 2009

Java Desktop

OpenESB project initiated by Sun Microsystems to develop and deliver a high performance, and feature rich implementation of Java Business Integration (JBI) under an open source friendly license. Basic task of JBI implementations is connecting different type of resources and applications together in a standard and none intrusive way. Basic building blocks of an ESB includes the Bus which is a...
on May 24, 2010
The Book in Details: Security was, is, and will be one of the most important aspects of Enterprise Applications and one of the most challenging areas for architects, developers, and administrators. It is mandatory for Java EE application developers to secure their enterprise applications using Glassfish security features. Learn to secure Java EE artifacts (like Servlets and EJB methods),...
on May 13, 2010
I was involved with development of a RCP application based on NetBeans platform and now I find few minutes to share some of the experience with you. All standard coding and best practices are applicable here. Use project management systems like Trac or any project management system that you know. Never start a project without a project management system. Use coding standard, unit testing, desing...
on Sep 4, 2009