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First things first ... this last week I attended a RadioHead concert that was, simply put, A*MAZE*ZING! "Good for the soul" kind of amazing. JXTA:03Q4 The next quartely release of JXTA is starting to take shape and will likely define what is meant by "secure distributed computing." High order details will be posted on the top-level JXTA mailing lists in the next couple of days. Scalability...
on Sep 28, 2003
I believe JXTA is one of the more social and organic enabling technologies that I have had the opportunity to work with. Candidly, working with JXTA is a serious kick in the pants. The good folks that comprise the JXTA team typically take the opportunity to organize informal Town Hall events when a significant number of developers converge for one reason or another. Thusly, just such an event...
on Sep 20, 2003
Time for a poll. The goal is to uncover a few ideas to apply P2P to grid computing. Grid computing of course is used to solve some very big problems. Some, like weather prediction, calculating PI, or even the SETI or Folding @Home projects are obvious. But what is not obvious or at least not applied today. What are your thoughts and ideas? What are your applications for grid computing? Use your...
on Sep 15, 2003
JXTA Catalog - Saving Money or Better Business There are a few that stick to the old tried and true. The nice thing is that the adventurous have a competitive advantage. The adventure seekers and mavericks are better thinkers too because learning exercises the brain and keeps it humming. JXTA is a very new paradigm (20 cents) and not always simple to grasp and apply to business problems....
on Sep 12, 2003
It's a Small Small World After-all August, 7 2003, the BBC reported that an article in Science had been published about an experiment that proves that by simply forwarding email among acquaintances, it only takes a chain of five to seven emails to reach a specific email user unknown by the original emailer. Why is that important? It helps prove that you can write P2P applications that let you...
on Aug 12, 2003
RTFM==QED Sometimes you do something that surprises people. Jaws drop and wonder is seen in your friend’s eyes. You too can tap into these secrets of the ancients. See a source of hidden knowledge, known only to select few. Answer the riddle of the Sphinx, just by reading the manual. A little knowledge, creativity and some imagination and you can change the way people think. I have just...
on Aug 10, 2003
Blog Away Am I crazy? I write books, mentor, and architect code (oh and code what I design). I also like to juggle knives, torches, MS XP CD’s, and other implements of mass destruction. I run a couple of Java user groups, and of course, I am a Java guy. And now I blog, therefore I am. A blog can be a diary, soap box, and a place of information. You might get the first two here, but...
on Aug 9, 2003
So, I finally got free to go to a few sessions, and there were two on "open source" topics which looked interesting. One was the StarOffice & Java session (I think its the only session about / StarOffice at this conference). It was in a big double room. There were quite a few folks there, patiently absorbing information about how to use JDBC to hook in a database and other...
on Jun 10, 2003