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Java Web Services and XML

A small JAXB puzzle: how to define a custom element to serialize Date objects with the TimeZone information? Piece of cake, isn't it? Try it yourself and you will be surprised with the tricky details. A friend of mine gave me a JAXB challenge this week: his company already uses a customization of the xsd:date type in a legacy code - mapped to a proprietary type instead of the default Calendar...
on Dec 6, 2009
For those of you who've been patiently waiting for WADL to be submitted to a standards organization, I'm pleased to announce that WADL is now a W3C Member Submission. The specification submitted to the W3C is a reformatted version of the draft update I blogged about here. If you already switched to that version then you are current. If not, now would be a good time to think about updating to the...
on Oct 23, 2009
Registration is one of most implemented use cases ever, but things get a bit different when you try to implement it in a RESTful Web-Service. Before I start the discussion about the registration use case, a list of terms for disambiguation: Application means a Java EE Application. (Arena-PUJ is the Java EE Application I am doing my REST experiments) Service is a RESTful Web-Service. (back-end...
on Oct 2, 2009
Rule of thumb: Avoid to use {variables} as the first path of a Jersey's @Path I am working on the Arena PUJ Project, a RESTful web-service to support PUJ competitions. We are in the early stages of the project but we already got some resources published on the web. Let me show you a few URL samples: An insecure GET method to read all competitions promoted by a JUG: GET /{competition_id}/...
on Sep 17, 2009
I am working out a new pet project, an online system to support PUJ Competitions. It is still a work under progress and I plan to start to blog some technical results here, but until that glorious free time I would give you a glimpse about what is keeping my blog so quiet :) So, PUJ is an academic competition where undergraduate student submit their homeworks for the evaluation...
on Sep 7, 2009
Java Champion Alan Williamson posted "A Simple Java class for Amazon SimpleSQS": "With such a beautiful service such as the Amazon Simple Queue Service, it shouldn't be wrapped up with a lot of complicated layers of classes for utilizing. That is why I developed the simple POJO, single class method for utilising Amazon SQS from within Java..."
on Aug 31, 2009
Matt Raible recently posted My Experience With Java REST Frameworks (Specifically Jersey and CXF): Recently I was tasked with developing a server-side REST strategy for a client. When I started working with them, they were using GWT RPC for exposing services. They wanted to move to RESTful services to allow for a more open platform, that multiple types of clients could talk to. There were...
on Aug 28, 2009
Bing and JAX-WS Too bad, wsimport doesn't work out of the box to consume bing's wsdl. It reports conflicts for SearchRequest and SearchResponse. You could use an unsupported(and undocumented!) wsimport switch -XautoNameResoultion that resolves the conflicts automatically. . wsimport -B-XautoNameResolution See it creates SearchRequest, SearchRequest2,...
on Jul 28, 2009
There are many ways to build Metro-based services and clients. This common ant build file handles most of them. For example: starting from Java and running containerless; starting from WSDL and deploying to GlassFish or Tomcat An article I wrote shows a common ant build file for many configurations: A Common Ant Build File for Metro-Based Services and Clients Technorati: wsit glassfish...
on Jul 8, 2009
Metro Security has a pluggable architecture and it makes use of JSR 196  (SOAP Profile) to achieve this pluggability.   The use of JSR-196 provides a standard way to integrate Metro with the Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure of the underlying container.  Though not all containers  on which metro can run today support JSR 196, the idea is that as more and...
on Jul 8, 2009
My previous post Security Token Configuration in Metro has exceeded the maximum limits (even after having used the extended entry) of a post and hence when i added some more details yesterday, i am seeing that the tail end of my post was truncated. So here is what was in the tail end... Appendix     Here is  the complete abstract schema for CallbackHandlerConfiguration and...
on Jul 8, 2009
My CommunityOne 2009 presentation is now available online. S305138: Metro Web Services, NetBeans IDE, GlassFish Application Server, and OpenSSO in Action with Amazon WS, Azure, and Office Presenter: Harold Carr, Sun Microsystems (also available here) Technorati: wcf wsit glassfish projectmetro
on Jul 1, 2009
The earliest version of WS-SecurityPolicy implemented during early days of Metro/WSIT did not allow Binding Assertions to be attached to any scope other than the EndPoint scope. The latest versions of WS-SecurityPolicy specification allows Binding Assertions to be attached to operation scope. We had a bug in our Metro code which prevented this from working correctly all these days. With latest...
on Jul 1, 2009
My JavaOne 2009 presentations are now available online. Keynote: Microsoft General Session Presenters: Dan'l Lewin, Microsoft Steven Martin, Microsoft Greg Leake, Microsoft Harold Carr, Sun Microsystems (click on the 2nd video) TS-4402: Metro Web Services Security Usage Scenarios Presenters: Harold Carr, Sun Microsystems, Inc. Jiandong Guo...
on Jun 30, 2009
I will be speaking on Metro Security at Jazoon in Zurich on Wednesday June 24 at 1:30pm.
on Jun 20, 2009
Here are my notes from Tuesday afternoon at ==============================================================================Tuesday afternoon, 6/16/2009------------------------------------------------------------------------------Book signing_Semantic Web Programming_John Hebeler, Matthew Fisher, Ryan Blace, Andrew Perez-Lopez, Mike Dean
on Jun 16, 2009
Here are my notes from Monday at ==============================================================================MONDAY------------------------------------------------------------------------------Evening Conference Sessions 5:00PM - 6:00PM --------------------------------------------------The Site Is the API: Developing Web Sites for the Semantic WebYergler, Nathan R...
on Jun 16, 2009
On Thursday June 4, first thing in the morning at JavaOne, I will be on stage with Microsoft at their keynote demonstrating Java web service interoperability with .NET via the Metro web service stack. It was just three years ago in 2006 when we last keynoted together at JavaOne showing our early stage interop before we had actually released anything. It is quite gratifying to be together again...
on Jun 3, 2009
We are trying our best to keep the JDK up to date with latest JAX-WS RI. The recently released JDK 6 Update release 14 has JAX-WS 2.1.6 RI along with JAXB 2.1.10 RI. You can find more about the changes that went in to the release can be seen at JAX-WS 2.1.6 change log and JAXB 2.1.10 change log. I hope the JAX-WS users find this helpful.
on Jun 1, 2009

Java User Groups

The W3C Social Web Incubator Group is organizing a free Bar Camp in the Santa Clara Sun Campus on November 2nd to foster a wide ranging discussion on the issues required to build the global Social Web. Imagine a world where everybody could participate easily in a distributed yet secure Social Web. In such a world every one will be able to control their own information, and every business would...
on Oct 26, 2009