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Java Web Services and XML

If you trying to use JAX-WS 2.2 on top of JDK 6, you run into classloading problems. Resonating with the problems we had with using JAX-WS 2.1 on JDK 6 FCS?, Dejavu !!!. As you guessed, JDK 6 (U4 and later) has JAX-WS implementation with JAX-WS 2.1 API. If you try to use JAX-WS 2.2, the runtime always picks up the JAX-WS API from bootclasloader and will not see JAX-WS 2.2 API in your...
on Apr 3, 2009
JSR-109 1.3 MR JSR-109 1.3 MR has started and you can see the changes here. The main changes are: Align with the latest JAX-WS 2.2 specification. JAX-WS 2.2 provides a complete web services addressing support. Exposing Singleton bean component(specified in EJB 3.1) as JAX-WS Web Service. Also support EJB packaging in WAR files Align with the Java EE 6 and its profiles. Java EE 6 makes JAX-...
on Apr 1, 2009
On Thursday, March 19, 2009 I presented a quick overview and roadmap of Metro, Jersey, GlassFish, OpenESB, OpenSSO at the Utah Java Users Group. Here are my notes from the meeting. And a link to my slides. Normally they have 2 one hour presentations (I have presented twice in the past). This time they had 5 twenty minutes presentations followed by a panel composed of the presenters...
on Mar 23, 2009
I will be speaking at the Utah Java Users Group Thursday March 19 at 6pm. I will be giving an update on recent Metro features and a roadmap of what is planned. I will also mention a few GlassFish items. Hope to see you there. Technorati: wsit glassfish projectmetro
on Mar 18, 2009
REST stands for "Representational State Transfer". It is just a software architectural style, or a set of design rules that can be used to write web services. Because it is a style, there are no standards defined for this. How does REST works? Representational State Transafer means the state of the client changes based on the representation of the resource. Imagine surfing a web page using a URL...
on Mar 17, 2009
In my previous blog, I mentioned about the recent developments with JAX-WS 2.2. If you want to get your hands on latest JAX-WS 2.2, Try downloading the JAX-W 2.2 nightly builds from here. Metro 2.0 includes JAX-WS 2.2 and JAXB 2.2. Metro 2.0 nightly builds are available here We will soon try to push out the JAX-WS 2.2 snaphots to Maven. Maven Repo Update: If you are experiencing...
on Mar 10, 2009
This is the fourth article in a series of articles on GlassFish and MySQL.In Part 4, you'll learn how to create a RESTful web service for the webapplication. You'll also examine a JavaFX client for the RESTful web service. Aswas the case for Part 3, the web service discussed in Part 4 uses GlassFish,MySQL, and the Java Persistence API. Glassfish and MySQL part 4
on Mar 10, 2009
Its been a long time I blogged. You might be wondering what we are up to with JAX-WS RI lately. We are busy implementing the JAX-WS 2.2 RI. Jitu, Spec lead for JSR 224 has already sent the proposals on JAX-WS 2.2 features. JAX-WS 2.2 is mainly aimed to add the missing support for WS-Addressing 1.0 - Metadata specification in the earlier release. This requires WS-Policy 1.5 support in JAX-WS to...
on Feb 26, 2009
In today's (Thursday 2/26) GlassFish webinar I will present on Metro, the GlassFish Web Services Stack. Metro is used in GlassFish, OpenSSO, OpenESB and a numer of JavaEE AppServers; one of its advantages is its strong interoperability with Microsofts's WCF in .NET 3.x Presentation at 11am US Pacific, at TheAquarium Channel. Full details (and recordings) at the Show Page. Technorati...
on Feb 26, 2009
I wrote a JAX-WS client module for VirtualBox some time ago for VirtualBox 1.6.0. Since then VirtualBox made numerous improvements, and so did their web services. So this morning, I updated this module to use the latest VirtualBox 2.1 WSDL.
on Jan 15, 2009
I had another Quickie at Devoxx08, a brief explanation on how to publish and read Atom and Rss feeds without using third-party libraries like Apache Abdera or Rome. As I promised during my Quickie presentation, click here to download the sample code. Last minute update: Click here to download the smallest sample project as possible In order to run the examples, please run ANT in the root of the...
on Dec 14, 2008
TOTD #56 explains how to create a RESTful Web service endpoint using Jersey and publish the resource using JSON representation. The blog entry showed how the endpoint can be accessed from a Web browser. This Tip Of The Day explains how to use Jersey Client APIs to invoke the published endpoint. Lets get started! Create a new directory "./src/test/java/org/glassfish/samples" Add a test Add a...
on Nov 26, 2008
Netbeans 6.5 is recently released. Along with tons of new features, it has some enhancements for Web Services development. The foremost is that with Netbeans 6.5, you can easily develop Web Services applications and deploy on to Glassfish V3. There are are other features like configuring WS-Addressing, and exposing a SOAP based Web service as REST service through GUI caught my attention....
on Nov 21, 2008
dojo1 Dojo REST Comet Hands On Lab Yesterday I gave a Hands on Lab on  REST dojo and Comet with Netbeans 6.5,  Glassfish V2, and MySQL   at JFall. JAX-RS provides a standardized API for building RESTful web services in Java. Central to the RESTful architecture is the concept of resources identified by universal resource identifiers (URIs). The API  provides a set of...
on Nov 13, 2008
GlassFish v3 Prelude was released today. This release of GlassFish is using our new OSGi-based microkernel. You can read about its features in an InfoWorld article and in Jean-Francois' blog entry. Metro 1.4 is part of this release. Metro 1.4 interoperates with Microsoft's Windows Communication Framework SOAP stack in .NET 3.5 based on Oasis and W3C standards (and...
on Nov 6, 2008
JAX-WS RI 2.1.5/Metro 1.4 Released JAX-WS RI team is pleased to announce the release of 2.1.5 version. It is also included in Metro 1.4 Some of the changes are: It uses woodstox StAX parser by default. So you may need to put woodstox.jar instead of sjsxp.jar in the classpaath Allowing HTTP response code to be set via MessageContext property New feature:...
on Oct 31, 2008
Amazon EC2 has a SOAP web service, and I wanted to talk to EC2 from Hudson, so I decided to use Metro for this. The end result is the JAX-WS commons EC2 module, which is a library you can put in your classpath with Metro 1.4 when you need to talk to EC2. EC2 SOAP API is pretty straight-forward except one caveat — you need to sign the whole request, but their WSDL doesn't say so in a...
on Oct 31, 2008
We have released a new snapshot of the Web Services Connector being defined by JSR 262. Jean-François Denise has the details on his blog. [Tags: jmx jsr262 ws-management.]
on Oct 28, 2008
I spent part of the weekend reading the JAX-RS 1.0 Specification. With a wife, 5 kids, a dog, and a needy mother-in-law, I'm pretty busy. AYSO soccer, youth football games, and family outings take most of weekend time, but Sunday nights are my time. Ahh, time to relax you might think. But no...I spent most of the time reading a technical spec. I recently hinted that I was beginning to explore...
on Oct 20, 2008
On Tuesday evening in Sun campus at Youga, I did a talk on Metro and Jersey for two hours. There were perhaps 40 to 50 people (including a Hudson committer who came straight from the airport after a vacation to Hawaii, and a junior-high school student who's a frequent participant to this "hot topic seminar" series.) Most of them who were there didn't know much about Metro, so I did a...
on Oct 16, 2008