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Java User Groups

In order to successfully migrate our mainframe application to a Java/application server based solution, we had to figure out how to migrate our batch processes. We had a very good start, in achieving this, by utilizing the LaunchClient command and J2EE Client programs. It was just a matter of putting the remaining pieces together into a working solution. But we were running into a lot of trouble...
on Jul 2, 2012
Our first Java application (10 years ago) was a migration of a legacy application. The legacy application consisted of a number of screens and a number of batch processes. Migrating the screens to Java technology seemed straight forward. In theory, they would be a direct use of the MVC pattern (EJB, JSP, Servlet). Easy. But what about the batch processes? They didn't seem to fit the MVC pattern....
on Jun 24, 2012
Our Java application supports my company's (Amway Corp) Customer and Sales Compensation areas. This is a very unique and complex part the Amway's business model. The application requires a large database to store business-related data. The database consists of dozens of tables and millions of rows. It contains transactional data and summarized data. The size of the database grows daily. Database...
on Jun 18, 2012
As our Java project progressed, we began to add new members to our development team. This meant many resumes to review and many interviews to conduct. It was to become quite a time consuming chore for the interviewers. During a portion of the interview, a series of technical questions about Java are asked. The goal behind these questions is to allow the interviewee to talk to us about Java. Some...
on Jun 11, 2012
During the initial architecture and analysis of our J2EE-based application, one Java issue generated a lot of attention on our team : Enterprise Java Beans or EJBs. Should we use EJBs? What flavor of EJBs should we use? At the time, we received no practical advice on EJB usage. We got a lot of general advice. "Use what is best for you, etc." Quite often, we were referred to a diagram with a lot...
on Jun 4, 2012
In the beginning, our development team had no Java experience at all. Most of us were mainframe developers with a decade or so of IT experience. We realized that not only did we need Java training, but we needed training on object-oriented concepts as well. It seemed like a very challenging goal to achieve. One of the reasons we chose our particular Java software tools vendor is because their...
on May 28, 2012
Release the newest version of the framework to persist objects in Apache Cassandra in easy way. Among improvement is the JPA annotations, also JPQL. JCassandra jCassandra=persistence.createJCassandra("select * from Person");
on May 26, 2012
10 years ago, when we were decided to use Java technology to create a new application, for use at Amway Corp; we thought it was sufficient to say, "We are using Java!". We were wrong... We quickly realized that there was Java 2 Standard Edition and there was Java 2 Enterprise Edition. Since we were architecting our application to run in an application server-based environment, we concluded that...
on May 14, 2012
       Eclipse is famous IDE in em Java, follows the open source model. The Eclipse project was stated by IBM that does the first version, then donated like open source for the community. The begin costs was above 40 millions. Nowadays, the Eclipse is one of the most used worldwide. Has important feature how the SWT uses and not the Swing, there are too many plug-ins...
on Nov 26, 2011

Java Tools

For us at Amway Corp, a key part of creating batch processes, with Java, was using the LaunchClient command and J2EE Client applications. We felt we were very close to being able to run our Java batch processes on the application server. But more trials and tribulations were ahead of us. We created a J2EE Client application\program that would call a "hello world" EJB. After deploying the code to...
on Jun 29, 2012

Java Patterns

When we starting planning how we were going to use Java technology at Amway (10 years ago); we realized we had many decisions to make about standards to adopt, practices to learn, architectures to use, patterns to follow, etc. Fortunately for us, there were many sources of information to help us figure all of this out. Unfortunately for us, there were many sources of information to help us figure...
on May 21, 2012

Java Desktop

Release the newest version of the framework to persist objects in Apache Cassandra in easy way. Among improvement is the JPA annotations, also JPQL. JCassandra jCassandra=persistence.createJCassandra("select * from Person");
on Apr 21, 2012
                 Easy-Cassandra is a framework ORM API and a high client for Apache Cassandra in java, with this is possible persist information from the Java Object in easy way. For this is only necessary add some annotations in some fields and your class. It works like an abstraction's tier in the Thrift, doing call for Cassandra. The Easy-Cassandra...
on Feb 21, 2012
From 1995, when was launched the first Java's version, to 2012 the Java evolute obtained seven versions, many improvements and fixes bugs. In 2011 the biggest “boom” in the java world was about the openjdk recently it's grew in exponential way, but there are some myths arount it, for example, some people know the openjdk like “poor brother” of SUN's JDK (actually Oracle...
on Jan 17, 2012
  Was added to his package to facilitate applications which needs scalable processes. A feature is atomic variable. Variable atomic means that it cannot be divided -  it's like the S.O. with any resource (Driver CD, USB) cannot be divided but needs be used in many processes.              ...
on Oct 26, 2011
Beyond being merely a computer programming language, Java is the most widely used software platform in the entire world. There is a large number of various software solutions that were developed using this technology. Without many people being aware, Java is present in our daily lives in embedded technologies like blue-ray discs and a countless number of sites on the internet that...
on Jul 26, 2011
Content available at:
on Oct 15, 2010
My name is Haim Michael, I am the General Manager for Zindell Technologies and I am an eternal student and a lecturer. I chose to develop the abelski web site for the benefit of all people world wide. I have started to develop it in November 2007 and I continuously update its courses and add new ones. All courses on this web site are available for free personal and academic usage.  The...
on Oct 4, 2010


This article has the main objective show a little example for persist information in Cassandra using java. For demonstrated the persistence with Cassandra will used the Easy-Cassandra, a framework open source for use this SGBG in an easy mode.   @ColumnFamilyValue(nome = "person")// public class Person implements Serializable {   private static final long...
on Jan 24, 2012


Hi all, I have three talks scheduled at the beginning of this year. The first one at FOSDEM in the Free Java Devroom is titled Java Lambdas for Hackers. It will explore the details of what can be the implementation of the lambda in Java 8 The agenda of the Free Java sessions this year is great, a kind of perfect mix between old friends and newcomers.
on Jan 22, 2012