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Java Enterprise

And it is tutorial time! Where are the JavaEE tutorials for each of the JavaEE versions? JavaEE 5 tutorial JavaEE 6 tutorial JavaEE 7 tutorial Enjoy!
on Nov 6, 2014
If you want to find a specific version of the JavaEE API documentation the following links connect you to them: JavaEE 5 API documentation JavaEE 6 API documentation JavaEE 7 API documentation Enjoy!
on Nov 5, 2014
Another CDI alignment issue done In code @ViewMap@InjectMap viewMap; In words you can now inject the view map for use in your CDI managed bean. Enjoy!
on Oct 31, 2014
The following spec issues were addressed #1333 - Support @Inject for UIViewRoot #1332 - Let CDI handle #{view} #1331 - Let CDI handle #{application} And the following other issues that have a 2.3 impact were addressed #3425 - Apply Java SE 7 Strings in switch #3427 - Apply Java SE 7 multi-catch #3444 - Apply Java SE 7 multi-catch: part 3 of 3 #3443 - Apply Java SE 7 multi-catch: part 2 of 3 #3427...
on Oct 30, 2014
And now you can inject the UIViewRoot In code @InjectUIViewRoot viewRoot; Enjoy!
on Oct 29, 2014
With all of my formal JavaOne conference obligations satisfied, day four was dedicated to listening. Another day, another hotel. The community keynote had a little bit of everything and was in the San Francisco Marriott, bringing to four the total number of separate buildings I had to visit for JavaOne. The complete keynote is available at Oracle. The room was full, and Intel VP Michael...
on Oct 28, 2014
Nothing really fancy, but #{application} EL resolving is now done using a 2.3 CDI producer. Note there won't be @Inject support for this as it is not referring to a specific typed artifact. Enjoy!
on Oct 27, 2014
While it looks like not a whole lot has been going on issue wise some additional work not covered by specification issues has be done a) Javadoc cleanup for JavaSE 8 b) Apply diamond operator to sources And the following specification issues were handled: #1254 - contracts attribute too restrictive. #1328 - Let CDI handle #{session} EL resolving #1327 - Verify @Inject HttpSession support Enjoy!
on Oct 23, 2014
And the MVC specification project is now public at so we are on the way! Enjoy!
on Oct 21, 2014
Day three was definitely the high point of the conference for me. As anyone who has spoken at tech conferences knows, the point in time when all of one's sessions have been given is the turning point between tempered enjoyment and pure enjoyment of the conference. I was blessed with the scheduling this year; I was all done after Wednesday. This put me in a great frame of mind to enjoy the...
on Oct 17, 2014
In JSF Tip #32 - Override a JSF Renderer and JSF Tip #34 - Override JSF renderer and create a new tag for it we have described ways to override a renderer. Well, would you believe there is yet another way? It is as simple as adding an f:attribute tag as a child of the component you want to change the renderer for. <h:panelGroup>  <f:attribute name="rendererType"...
on Oct 16, 2014
A quick run down on the issues fixed since last time #1325 - Let CDI handle #{applicationScope} #1311 - Let CDI handle #{facesContext} EL resolving #1323 - Support @Inject for the applicationMap #1322 - Simplify #{externalContext} to use ExternalContextProducer #1309 - Support @Inject for ExternalContext #527 - Support @Inject for FacesContext Please test drive the latest 2.3.0-m01-SNAPSHOT and...
on Oct 16, 2014
Another CDI alignment issue done In code @ApplicationMap@InjectMap applicationMap; In words you can now inject the application map for use in your CDI managed bean. Enjoy!
on Oct 15, 2014
Starting from the new 2.3 SNAPSHOT builds you can now do @Inject ExternalContext externalContext; Note you will need to make sure you use the latest 2.3 SNAPSHOT build and that you include a faces-config.xml that states version 2.3. Enjoy!
on Oct 13, 2014
Starting from the new 2.3 SNAPSHOT builds you can now do @Inject FacesContext facesContext; Note you will need to make sure you use the latest 2.3 SNAPSHOT build available from and that you include a faces-config.xml that states version 2.3. Let us know what you think of this! Enjoy!
on Oct 10, 2014
A number of spec issues have been handled for the 2.3 cycle and I would like to call them out. Note today's list is going to be a bit longer than going forward. I intend to write up a small blog entry every week enumerating what happened that week, so we all can keep track of where we are at. The issues handled are: #1307 - validator attributes TLD doc misleading #1304 - FacesContext....
on Oct 9, 2014
The first batch of MVC expert group members have been determined. For the ones that were added to the EG, welcome aboard! For the ones that were declined, please be aware there are multiple ways to stay involved with the MVC specification, so please don't despair! Note if you think you would be a good fit as expert group member, please do not hesitate to nominate yourself. Or if you know someone...
on Oct 7, 2014
In case you didn't know starting a specification takes a bit of time. All kinds of infrastructure needs to be setup. So please bear with us. For you prospective EG members out there we'll get your approval / disapproval done soon. So please keep an eye on your inbox! When the JCP sends you an email that you need to do some additional paperwork please get it done as otherwise your approval will...
on Oct 6, 2014


The flow of my JavaOne 2014 experience had each day getting progressively less demanding. Day zero was an eight hour class. Day one was booth duty, a session , EG meeting, and a BOF. By day two, Tuesday, my involvement had reduced to presenting one session, participating in the Hackergarten and meet the experts areas, and a panel discussion. The day began by co-presenting a session with Heather...
on Oct 9, 2014
Update 1: added content about Greg Wilkin's Async IO session. The first real day of the conference began with session one of two obligatory Oracle booth duty assignments. Our booth had two foci: showing off Java EE 7 using the Cargo Tracker Blueprints Application and providing insight into our plans for Java EE 8. To spice things up a bit and perhaps draw some people in, I brought along my kit-...
on Oct 7, 2014