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Java Enterprise

An interesting article on Computerworld summarizes a talk by Matt Thompson, director of technology outreach at Sun, at the Sun Tech Days conference held in Wellington in early April. Presently, 3,000 out of a total of 10,000 Java developers in New Zealand have joined Sun Developer Network. A friend likens the beauty of the New Zealand landscape to a chocolate box. Sounds like high tech is on...
on Apr 19, 2006
The Java University Program, which will run from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 15, the day before 2006 JavaOne, is a training opportunity well worth recommending. Earlier, I talked with Joe Boulenouar and Stacy Thurston, two articulate, seasoned instructors who graciously gave me a synopsis of the five courses. Thanks, too, to Rick Evans, a course developer at Sun, for his invaluable...
on Apr 18, 2006
Check out this tip on how to simplify and accelerate the task of designing software. Designing Patterns With UML, an article just off the press at, summarizes the three types of design patterns in Unified Modeling Language and describes the procedures for creating and applying them in NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5 Preview to application components. It takes a few steps. Like...
on Apr 13, 2006
The Concept A while back, I started to write DAO's for an application at work; and of course we chose Hibernate. I've been on this 'K.I.S.S My App' kick lately with keeping things as simple as possible and actually leveraging APIs to their full extent. This theme was carried out so much so that the DAOs actually returned <a href="
on Apr 12, 2006
When "sendRedirect" is used, some times the relative url is being translated into an absolute url using wrong scheme (http vs https). This articles explores the problem and a possible solution using servlet filters. Rewriting SendRedirect to deal with SSL (or https) offloading
on Apr 7, 2006
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on Apr 7, 2006
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on Apr 6, 2006
This time i want to setup and test a utility that i am using with my Application server to mange them and monitor them. Utility that i will use is Mc4j A very powerful and flexible jmx console built on top of Netbeans Platform . so to follow this blog entry you will need GlassFish build 40+ , although i am testing it on buid 42 .Also you will need to have Mc4j version 1.2 beta 9 or newer....
on Mar 31, 2006
This time I want to test OSWorkflow on GlassFish , for this purpose I get latest version of this application , I mean osworkflow-2.8.0. Lets see What a workFlow engine is and what is its usage , a workFlow Engine is an engine that is capable of executing WorkFlows in different level. a workFlow is a graph of works , so it means that a workFlow engine can execute a graph of works , this graph...
on Mar 30, 2006
Available Now After a lot of community testing with the 1.1 releases, we've decided to create a stable, milestone release available here. Facelets already has great documentation and provides unbeatable error handling with debugging features for the JavaServer Faces framework. True Component Development Many component frameworks available today still fall within the same development requirements...
on Mar 29, 2006
Updated: app servers added to query Rather than spend lots of time researching this, I thought I'd try my hand at asking a question of the blogosphere. I'd like to know what developer tools and application servers are using which JSF implementation. I know that WebSphere Studio (or RAD, or whatever it's called these days) used Sun's JSF impl pretty much off-the-shelf, and that Oracle uses Sun's...
on Mar 27, 2006
Sun's recent announcement that NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5 Preview is now available for Apple's Mac OS X is excellent news. That was a hot topic on the Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 forum in January, to which I referred in a blog. Albeit still only a preview release, NetBeans 5.5 Enterprise Pack's support for SOA and UML is well worth a good look. Be sure to post your comments on the preview...
on Mar 24, 2006
In a new article on, Rico Cruz and I explained how to create, in the Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 IDE, the order-tracking Web service for Adventure Builder—a Web service that was mentioned in a recent paper on Sun Java Studio Creator. With the WSDL and implementation code, you need to tweak only a few settings in a dialog box, copy over the implementation code, and a WAR...
on Mar 22, 2006
As its title suggests, a recent article in synnovation (an EDS Agility Alliance publication), Not Just a Spectator Sport, elaborates how access control and identity management nowadays mean a lot more than the traditional sign-ons with user IDs and passwords. They mean using open, standard protocols to implement application models that offer definitions of "rights, responsibilities, roles, and...
on Mar 20, 2006
Frameworks of Today All MVC frameworks basically operate within the same 5 phases: Decode Interpreting state/parameters passed from the client Validate This involves validating the information decoded and possibly authorization/authentication Update Once the submitted information is validated, update the Java model Invoke Some controller behavior is handled here, such as an action once state is...
on Mar 17, 2006
Hot off the press on are parts 1 and 2 of a series on Business Process Execution Language (BPEL). Part 1 introduces the concepts and cites a sample process; part 2 describes how to define and apply the partnerLinkType and partnerLink elements to specify the relationship between a process and its partners. With the preview release of NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5, you can develop...
on Mar 16, 2006
Here is an ultra-quick blog entry sharing something in JSF 1.2 about which I'm not sure many people are aware. Thanks to the unified EL, it is possible to refer to JSF managed beans and other JSF concepts using plain old JSP expressions in the page. For example, let's say you have a JSF app that is a bookstore. In the app is a managed bean that is a Map where the keys are ISBN numbers and the...
on Mar 15, 2006
Internationalization (i18n) is easy if you are using AJAX and Java. Both Java and JavaScript have i18n capabilities though it is not obvious how to use those capabilities are not from an i18n background. I have re-worked the Realtime Validation with AJAX example to be i18n enabled. Follow these steps on the client and server to support i18n. On the client: Set the content-type in your pages...
on Mar 13, 2006
The content and ideas in this blog entry are taken from my upcoming McGraw Hill Osborne book JavaServer Faces: The Complete Reference, which I am co-authoring with Chris Schalk. In the book, we have a chapter on Securing JavaServer Faces applications. This excerpt shows how the extensible design of JavaServer Faces can be used to allow JAAS to provide authentication to a JSF Web application....
on Mar 7, 2006
Background In a previous blog, "New Feature for JSF 1.2", I concluded with a few sentences on breaking through traditional MVC with JSF: At the 30,000 foot view, here we've broken through the traditional URI/resource in request/action based frameworks such as RoR, where each thing you want to partially handle has to be separated out and coordinated as a specialized endpoint. Not so with JSF since...
on Mar 4, 2006