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Java Enterprise

I'm currently working with the good folks over at Skills Matter to develop a course based on my book, JavaServer Faces in Action. I'm pretty excited about this, as it will open up a specific version of my customized courses for use in the UK. In addition to covering the basics of JSF, the four day course will also several JSF products and technologies, such as IDEs, components, and open source...
on Mar 3, 2006
In response to my SOA/ESB Level Set blog entry, I got the following question from cparziale: "In researching esb direction, I'm trying to assess if a "service bus" is a just another service 'on the side' of the primary services, to be used when needed, like UDDI, or if it will become a physical mediator of all service consumer-provider conversations. I ask because I'm trying to visualise what...
on Mar 2, 2006
A new, detailed article on tells you how, step by step. Bottom line, as the two coauthors keep emphasizing to me: It's easy; it's simple; it's straightforward; it's intuitive. User experience is a high priority in the design of Project GlassFish.The article addresses a variety of topics, including registry and security. I hope you find it helpful and illuminating.
on Mar 2, 2006
With the demise of the Sun Engineer's Sandbox, my content posted there has disappeared. Thankfully I saved a copy. Thanks to srcerer on the ##jsf chat room on freenode for reminding me to repost this. Overview To celebrate the release of Ruby on Rails (RoR) 1.0, I have taken the flash concept from Rails's ActionController and brought it to JSF. For those unfamiliar with RoR or the flash, the...
on Mar 1, 2006
Servlets sit at bottom end of the API stack for web developers using Java technologies. If you have used JSP, JSF, Struts, Web Work, Velocity, or any of the other frameworks out there you have more than likely used the Servlet API. What do I like about the Servlet API? As a developer I like being as close to possible to HTTP as possible and Servlets lets me do that well. The Servlet API has...
on Feb 27, 2006
The saga of Oracle ADF Faces on the Java EE SDK continues. In our last installment, Adam Winer explained why ADF Faces won't run on Glassfish. I'm happy to report that after some minor tweaks to Sun's JSF implementation in the Java EE SDK, I think I have it running. However, I would appreciate any testing people could give to see if the entirety of ADF Faces works. ADF Faces is a large piece...
on Feb 27, 2006
First off, thanks to the JCP and JEE EG for allowing us to add this feature so late in the game. The system *does* work! Now, on to the details... The core of JSF views are mutable component trees, uniquely identified, black boxes of encapsulated features that can be dropped in and combined in the true academic definition of a 'component'. Each component can participate not only in rendering,...
on Feb 25, 2006
A new, two-part tutorial explains the process that involves Sun Secure Application Switch and Sun Java System Application Server—a process that also works with other leading application servers. The tutorial includes a section on advanced configurations, in which is a description of alternative deployment architectures.Way to go for large-scale deployments! You are assured that load-...
on Feb 24, 2006
A new article highlights the features of the free preview release of the Java Enterprise Edition 5 SDK and Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9 Beta. The latter stemmed from the combined efforts of Sun engineering and the open-source Project GlassFish.What an impressive list: Persistence API, JavaServer Faces 1.2 technology, Web services and SOA, call-flow...
on Feb 24, 2006
A new article on, Namespaces in XML Schemas, Part 2 of Two-Part Series, describes, along with code samples, the nuances of developing aggregate schemas with import and include statements. Lots of flexibility there!Schema characteristics are supported in an upcoming release of the Sun Java Studio Enterprise IDE, a preview for which is part of the integrated bundle NetBeans...
on Feb 22, 2006
You can find out at a glance on the home page of the release. It's an integrated bundle of the previews of NetBeans 5.5 and a future release of the Sun Java Studio Enterprise IDE, also Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9 Beta, the first product of Project GlassFish. An InfoWorld article contains more details.The hallmark features? UML modeling, XML schema tools, orchestration...
on Feb 21, 2006
The beta for the Java EE 5 SDK is now available here and a set of tools that works with it is available here (the follow-up to J2EE 1.4 is Java EE 5, and that for J2SE 5.0 is Java SE 6 - the "2" is dropped and the "Java" is spelled out - it all makes sense but it can be confusing). Today's releases are a pretty big deal and there are already several blogs, discussions, technical papers, and...
on Feb 21, 2006
I'm pleased to announce another revision of the Java EE Web Tier. In Jan Luehe's blog you can find out what's new in JSP 2.1 Proposed Final Draft 2 (PFD2). The Change Log for Servlet 2.5 will give you the scoop on the Servlet spec. This blog entry will show what's new in the JSF spec. In JSF, the most visible new feature since the last draft of the spec is the addition of the invokeOnComponent...
on Feb 17, 2006
This blog has moved here var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3111670-3"); pageTracker._initData(); pageTracker._trackPageview();
on Feb 15, 2006
A colleague of mine entered our room a couple of days ago and asked me this: can he open a Swing frame from the application server in order to view the request that he got (a pretty big XML string)? Sounds strange, right? So many reasons not do this: What happens with this code in production? Why not use Eclipse debugger, copy the request to XMLSpy and view it there? Why not configure the log...
on Feb 9, 2006
With traditional Action MVC frameworks (Struts), you have a specific set of scopes to store state in over transactions: request, session, and application. Often, while developing applications with Action MVC frameworks, you have to make a decision to store objects/state in the request or the session. There can be consequences to the the performance of your application in either case. You can...
on Feb 8, 2006
Take a look at this blog by Ken Drachnik, who heads product management of Sun Java System Application Server at Sun. In clear terms, the blog explains the differences between Project GlassFish and Sun Java System Application Server. One can well picture the intense engineering in the background--all good stuff! I'm also coauthoring articles on GlassFish and will introduce them here as soon as...
on Feb 6, 2006
With the help of Kohsuke Kawaguchi's most excellent maven plugin, and several iterations of trial and error, we now have the JSF 1.2 api and impl jars available under the same license as Glassfish on the maven repository. Put this in your or maven.repo.remote=,
on Jan 31, 2006
The J2EE 1.4 SDK just got updated, and we could not be left behind with our solutions catalog that runs on it. This version of the solutions catalog uses J2EE 1.4, and covers the following topics: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) Web services Web Tier Design with JavaServer Faces Business Tier Design Download it here.This version is also integrated in the Netbeans 4.1 and 5.0 IDEs:...
on Jan 30, 2006
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on Jan 26, 2006