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The JXTA community just announced yesterday the availability of two new releases of the JXTA P2P Platform: JXTA J2SE release, 2.3.3 "Pyrogy", and JXTA C/C++ release, 2.1 "Capri". Both the JXTA "Pyrogy" and "Capri" releases provide a number of feature enhancements, performance improvements, as well as enhanced platform capabilities You can access these releases via the download page:...
on Mar 16, 2005
Here's a quick recap of some of the recent events regarding JXTA: JXTA J2SE 2.3.3 released available at JXTA C 2.1 released available at JXTA Maven builds are generated nightly We have some more work to do re the Maven builds, namely how best to manage multiple sources within one project across all goals/reports,...
on Mar 16, 2005
We'll be co-presenting the following JXTA topics along with daniel at this Friday's Software Developer West: MyJXTA iJXTA JXTA in general I'm looking forward to this. Thx for the invite Daniel! MyJXTA :: use it - learn it - do it Java == platform independence XML == application independence JXTA == network independence Secure End-to-End Computing in my ears: Portishead/Portishead/...
on Mar 16, 2005
Sorry about the short notice. Feel free to join in on today's JXTA 2.3.3b BugyDay. Here's the skinny: update WebStart - MyJXTA binary - myjxta binary MyJXTA :: use it - learn it - do it Java == platform independence XML == application independence JXTA == network independence Secure End-to-End Computing in my ears: Stabbing Westward/Stabbing Westward/I Remember
on Mar 8, 2005
polo rolled in the latest prefuse lib whereby a myjxta user can now copy aside a myjxta graph by placing focus on the graph and simply entering ctrl-e. very cool! there's much more we can do with this feature. MyJXTA :: use it - learn it - do it Java == platform independence XML == application independence JXTA == network independence Secure End-to-End Computing in my ears: Gravity Kills...
on Feb 25, 2005
Jeff Moore, aka polo, is now a MyJXTA project co-owner. I had the good fortune to meet Jeff while attending Linux World in Boston last week and truly look forward to his contributions moving forward. Jeff dove into MyJXTA head first and fleshed out, among other things, the prefuse eye candy. great stuff! MyJXTA :: use it - learn it - do it Java == platform independence XML == application...
on Feb 24, 2005

Java Tools

I'm pleased to announce that the Coyote project is now open for business. Coyote is a module for NetBeans that adds support for scripting, initially Jython and Groovy. It's in its early days but we'd welcome involvement from all scripting users on the Java platform. The project has been funded by Sun so far but it's open source and open for everyone to use and perfect. For more background, see my...
on Mar 16, 2005
Jonathan Schwartz, President and COO of Sun Microsystems, talks about the recent Executive Advisory Council (EAC) hosted by Sun. At these events, Sun hosts the CEO's and CIO's from the largest corporations in the world for 3 days worth of conversation. This years EAC was focused specifically on developers. I had the great opprotunity to attend this years EAC and I found the discussions...
on Mar 8, 2005
As earlier readers have probably figured, I'm working on automated Java refactoring technology these days. It's becoming a crowded field with some really good tools already out there, but since I'm a normal software engineer I know I can do better. As Alexander Pope stated, "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread," and as my family will attest, I am no angel. Now that the Jackpot engine is...
on Mar 7, 2005
I first came across JProfiler last year, when Sam and I were looking for a Java profiling tool that would run on Mac OS X. Surprisingly, this is harder than you'd imagine! Sam downloaded JProfiler, took it for a test drive and was impressed so much that we even talked about it in our J2EE on Mac OS X presentation. I've just revisited JProfiler, so thought that I would write a mini-review....
on Feb 25, 2005

Java User Groups

"The world has changed so much since I was a child." I used to hear my parents or grandparents say such things. I never thought that the day would come where this statement would be coming out of my mouth. We all know much progress had taken place in the 20th century, after all. You'd always hear statements such as "there was no television at the time, we listened to the radio." Now I get to...
on Mar 16, 2005

Java Enterprise

J2EE applications, both Web and EJB, often need to set configurable parameters such as a timeout value, retry count, and so on. To avoid hardcoding some arbitrary values for these parameters in code, the applications need to externalize these values so that a deployer can change them without recompiling the code. The portable solution in J2EE for such configurable parameters is environment...
on Mar 15, 2005

Java Desktop

One Thread To Rule Them All As most developers are already aware, an OpenGL-based Java 2D pipeline (henceforth known as "the OGL pipeline") was included in JDK 5.0 for improved rendering performance. While the OGL pipeline was a big step forward for rendering performance of complex operations (think transforms, compositing, gradients, etc), it was not nearly as robust as our existing X11- and...
on Mar 11, 2005
Martin Perez from interviewed me on random desktop client topics such as games, Swing, games, 2D, games, performance, and games. Check it out in English or in the Spanish translation that I can't read.
on Mar 2, 2005
Hello All. I know it's been a while since I've been posted, so I'd like to let you all know what I've been working on. Lots of good things have happened or are coming soon. First of all.... I'm going to work for Sun I have given my two weeks notice at my current company. Starting March 7th I will officially be a member of the core Swing team at Sun. I would like to thank Jeff Dinkins and all of...
on Feb 23, 2005

Java Web Services and XML

The techno-clairvoyants have been strangely quiet of late... so I am left on my own to predict what "The Next Big Thing" is going to be. In the absence of prophetic visions, I think we'll have to refocus on the needs our old faithful source of income: Business. The prevalence of computers in our society really took root with the introduction of three programming languages in the late 1950's (by...
on Mar 10, 2005
One of the major enhancements in the JAXB 2.0 is an ability to bind your own hand-written classes --- often called as POJOs --- to XML. And it's very easy. For example, consider the following classes: public class TodoList {  private final List<Item> items = new ArrayList<Item>();    ... methods ...}public class Item {  private String title;  private...
on Feb 17, 2005

Global Education and Learning

Project Jatse, owned by Eric Brown-Munoz is an open source (Lesser General Public License) set of tools for teaching, learning and playing with algebra. The goal is to provide a broad range of symbolic algebra functionality that is missing in the open source community. This project is targeted at the mathematics used in high school, although these classes can be extended to cover either...
on Mar 6, 2005
We have four new projects in the Global Education and Learning Community (GELC). This time we have a prompter system for English and Turkish, healthcare framework, a simulation of Unix, and a remote desktop controller for a J2ME cell phone. Take a look at the descriptions below and click on the links to join these projects and help out. BelletMen - An English-Turkish Prompter System...
on Mar 6, 2005


Last week in Boston, Matt Ackley, Senior Director of the eBay Developers Program, introduced the new eBay SDK for Java during his keynote address at Web Services Edge. The eBay SDK encapsulates the underlying SOAP API, so although under the covers you'll be using Web services, as a developer, you can spend your time focusing on your application logic. Along those same lines, the award winning...
on Feb 24, 2005