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Java Desktop

I know it's been a while since I've posted, and sadly it's going to be a while until I do again. Work, my opensource projects, and my book are keeping me slammed. I've lots of good stuff cooking, so stay tuned. I would like to mention one thing. I've been thinking a lot about APIs. For any given task there seem to be a great many APIs that solve it, especially in the opensource world. And yet...
on Dec 7, 2004
This weekend three of my cousins came to the house for an afternoon visit. Mostly they wanted to see their aunt and uncle who are now living at our house. It was the normal family thing. The cousins were talking way and their kids had no idea who I was or why they were there. After all I hadn't seen any of them since 1982. Then out the blue the 17 year old son of one of my cousins looks at me...
on Dec 6, 2004
I finally got around to read about JDNC (, to download a copy, run through the demos, look at the .jdnc files, and read some of the documentation (tutorials, article, etc..) I am very impressed! I think JDNC is terrific. I mean its goal is right on target. I believe this is where efforts should be concentrated. And they finally are. This blog was originally going to...
on Dec 3, 2004
Hi-Fi Swing (or improving the native fidelity of Swing System L&Fs) One of the biggest strengths of Swing is the lack of a rigid coupling between the underlying platform toolkit and the Swing API. The Swing API was designed to be extensible and free from platform limitations. Other Java based GUI Toolkits have taken a different approach that is more closely bound to the platform toolkit....
on Nov 29, 2004
'Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free, 'Tis a gift to come down where we ought to be, ... To turn, turn will be our delight 'Till by turning, turning we come round right. -- Old Shaker hymn It was supposed to be a quick-and-dirty mini-project: add a visual unit test execution monitor to NetBeans, similar to the top part of my favorite test tool, JUnit's Swing-based TestRunner:...
on Nov 20, 2004
For the Jeopardy project, I have been searching for the right toolkit. Swing is a well known, already tested option while SWT stands there as a sparkling, brand new toolkit, which has been the building blocks of Eclipse. I always knew that it would be a hard choice. SWT, Standart Widget Tooklit is developed for Eclipse platform. The SWT component is designed to provide efficient, portable access...
on Nov 19, 2004
I know everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for Part 2 of the game development article that Dmitri Trembovetski and I wrote. Well, you can stop biting your nails and check out the second and last installment at the Java Developers Journal site. Part 1 of the article focused on general game framework issues. This second part dives into 2D rendering and performance details.
on Nov 16, 2004
Writing for developers is a rewarding job if you're interested in technology and enjoy playing with words. You're constantly learning, you get to practice the craft of writing, and you can make a real difference for developers. Ever since I graduated from college with a CS degree, I've had writing jobs. All but one of them took advantage of my technical background, but I've never officially...
on Nov 16, 2004

Java Enterprise

On Tuesday Dec 7th at 11:00 AM Pacific, Roger Kitain and I will be hosting a JDC chat on the Faces 1.2 and JSP 2.1 technologies, which are part of the upcoming J2EE 5.0 platform. The focus of these new releases is to improve alignment of the J2EE web tier and to further enhance ease of development. A cornerstone of the new releases is a new, unified expression language API that both...
on Dec 6, 2004
We have just launched the J2EE SDK project with the goal of building a rich developer's community for the J2EE SDK. This project will provide tips, whitepapers on how to take full advantage of the J2EE SDK. We also plan to start a variety of sub-projects to enhance the toolset and components that work with the J2EE SDK. We look forward to having community members join and...
on Dec 6, 2004
Localization seem to be a never ending topic. Here are some questions on the subject, occasionally followed by answers. Access the questions here Important items include managing two locales for your server side applications: one for language and one for formatting (I call this country locale)
on Nov 26, 2004


Edition 2004 of javapolis will start the 13 of decembre. Last year, Sun did a presentation of Rave (Sun Java Studio Creator). This year, Tim Boudreau will do a presentation of NetBeans 4.0 ( that would be out for the javapolis event) but also explain us what we can expect from the future versions of NetBeans. I will certainly blog here my impression of each session I will follow. And I also hope...
on Dec 5, 2004
Unless you've checked out the latest NetBeans 4.0 RC1 release, you really don't know beans about NetBeans. If you've been using the 3.x line of NetBeans for a while, this new version may be somewhat challenging at first. The entire project configuration is built around ANT. The move to ANT might be confusing at first. Of course, there are ways to import existing projects that do not have an ANT...
on Dec 2, 2004


Someone sent me an e-mail tonight wondering if I knew what Portlet filters would be like when they are finally defined in the JSR, and I'd like to share the question along with the answer I provided them with. First, the question: > > >Hi, > >read your article, very interesting indeed. > >There was one thing about the future of JSR-168 I didn't understand: >What are theses filters? What benefit...
on Nov 28, 2004
It gives me pleasure to announce the creation of the Portlet community at This is an online community of developers and technical experts working on JSR 168, WSRP and other technologies related to enterprise portals. You can expect to find two things here: Information: The first focus of this community is to share information amongst developers. To that end, you can find...
on Nov 22, 2004
I just recently learned of a site that is currently hosting a Portal Software Poll to determine what the market share of each Portal platform happens to be. If you're interested in either participating in the poll or just viewing the results, please visit the site. There are also some interesting things related to Portals and Portlets on the site as well. Also, check out Punit Pandey's Blog. It...
on Nov 17, 2004
Just thought the community might want to keep tabs on the latest regarding Portals and Portlets. The following link points to an article I wrote for Sys-Con about the subject. The article is a two part article running in Sys-Con Java Programmer's Journal during the months of Nov 2004 and Dec 2004, entitled: Understanding Portals and Portlets">...
on Nov 17, 2004

Global Education and Learning

First, this is about as remote a blog as I have ever done. I am currently outside Johannesburg in South Africa. Sadly I am pre-paying for broadband by the hour and need to keep logging out of the internet connection. I am here to teach UML to business analysts. So far, South Africa looks a bit like North Texas. Not the out in the prairie Texas, but the urban city part of Texas, so not really a...
on Nov 27, 2004

Mac Java

There have been a number of threads and discussions on Java development on macosx. I'd like to relate my personal experiences in case it's of interest to anyone. Preliminaries Allow me to begin by giving a quick outline on the nature of my programming work: I work on a small workgroup business application with a backend database The technologies and APIs I use include: J2SE, Swing, Hibernate,...
on Nov 15, 2004

Java Web Services and XML

Hi, I have been on the road in the past few weeks - talking with people about Portal Federation and WSRP (Documentum/EMC conference in Montreal, Business Objects conference in Dallas, my brother's wedding in Houston - lots of techies there). Now I am back in Boulder catching up on things. On the to do list: - Learn what's new on Java 5.0 - Follow WSRP 2.0 progress - JSR 94, phase 2...
on Nov 11, 2004