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Mac Java

In Chris Adams' recent blog entry titled "Why Mac Developers are Concerned About the J2SE 5.0 Wait" the case is made that Mac OS X is at risk as a viable development platform for Java because of the historical delays in up to date Java support within the operating system. I think there is some truth to this because there is a track record of the Mac not being on par with Windows and Linux in...
on Oct 6, 2004
I am an Apple-based Java developer. I love my Apples (17 inch powerbook and a Dual G5) and the really love the way that Java performs. But where is Java 1.5 when you need it? Versions of Java 5.0 are released for Linux, Solaris, and MS. When will Apple release 5.0? Not really sure, but the rumors are that the sometime next year when Apple releases their next release of OS X. That's a long wait...
on Sep 30, 2004

Java Desktop

Back when the Web was just emerging (you know, from the primordial soup of standards) many developers put effort into making it easy for lay people to create websites. While most focused on WYSIWYG development tools or content management systems, some developers tried to sell Applets and JavaScript libraries. These were small programs that could be embedded easily into a website and customized...
on Oct 3, 2004
I've always known that ImageIO was a good thing to use since its inception. It reads and writes more formats than the original Image loading APIs, it has a pluggable interface for new image formats, it's the way of the future, it's more robust than the previous APIs, it's synchronous without the need for MediaTracker or that hacky ImageIcon workaround, blah, blah, blah.... I knew all that...
on Jul 19, 2004


WebStart is an amazing deployment vehicle. Following is a bit of detail describing JXTA's use of JNLP (Java Network Launch Protocol) and the process it enables. Firstly, a bit about the process. JXTA builds of the following projects occur nightly in addition to quarterly releases: Platform Shell CMS MyJXTA JXTA-C Building JXTA 1 2 3 describes the techniques behind the overall build process...
on Oct 1, 2004
we'll be at linux world this next week. don't be shy. drop by and say hi if you are in the neighborhood. the demos this go round are: brevient connect vista portal JXTA C (JXTA 2.0 compliant C implementation ... devices anyone?) PicShare MyJXTA Java == platform independence XML == application independence JXTA == network independence Secure End-to-End Computing in my ears: UnderWorld/...
on Jul 30, 2004
vanessa williams has announced the release of JXTASpaces, which is: ... an experimental project to design and implement a distributed shared memory service on the JXTA peer-to-peer computing platform. check it out! Java == platform independence XML == application independence JXTA == network independence Secure End-to-End Computing in my ears: UnderWorld/Dirty Epic:CowGirl/River of...
on Jul 26, 2004
I just received an email from Ray Gao of Apparently the lobbyists are at it again. This time your MP3 player is at risk. This also opens the door to a lot of other anti-P2P shenanigans from other companies. The INDUCE Act is just plain bad to the bone. But first, let me say that I am 100% legal. I don't steal music. I buy a lot in fact (you gotta see my iTunes bill). Stealing...
on Jul 26, 2004


The NetBeans open source project has announced that the NetBeans IDE 4.0 Beta 2 is now available. 65 of the 900 bugs fixed are performance related. Some of the cool enhancements include: J2SE 1.5 - The tiger is in the tank of this release! metadata, generics, enumerated types and autoboxing of primitive types are now suported in the IDE and debugger. Ant-based projects - Ant is now the...
on Sep 30, 2004

Global Education and Learning

This week we are getting another wide range of new projects from supporting education to robotics. Check out the project descriptions below and join the ones that interest you. CheckME - easy knowledge testing Owner: ciukes CheckME system for easy knowledge testing. Includes test preparation, test process and administration.' edumis - Make a serious of java class for exam administration....
on Sep 29, 2004
No child held back! It's the war cry from Sun Microsystem's Scott McNealy at the first meeting of the Education and Learning Community's first advisory board meeting. I have to admit, Sun is becomming a very different place to me. Meeting at the Executive Briefing Center on the Sun campus starts out like you expect, all business. But then things really get going when Scott McNeally entered the...
on Sep 28, 2004
Behind The Scenes of Project Looking Glass by Will Iverson -- Project Looking Glass, highlighted in Scott McNealy's JavaOne keynote, is a 3D desktop environment that uses Java and hardware graphics acceleration to deliver a new kind of user experience. And now, it's open source. Will Iverson interviewed lead developer Hideya Kawahara to learn more about the project.
on Jul 29, 2004
It's graduation time! The following projects have graduated from the incubator. Below are t descriptions of the projects: edu-research. cve CVE visual sentence CVE (Cooperative Visual Environment) is a software platform able to build new computational-user environments. Each environment is composed by software "agent": Excutors, Observers and...
on Jul 28, 2004
I'm impressed that people can blog while attending JavaOne. My head's just clearing up from all the new ideas slamming into the old ones. To relax on the way home, I started stitching generics into JDigraph, a general library for representing directed graphs. The effort mostly went smoothly, with a few hiccups. Scouting The documentation for generics in the jdk 1.5 beta is pretty thin. "This...
on Jul 14, 2004


There was a time when the only portals I knew were those of the Diablo kind. If you are not exactly a gaming freak, Diablo is an RPG where you get to play as the lone warrior battling the forces of evil. Every once in a while, you use a magic scroll (called the scroll of town portal) to open a dazzling blue gateway. You then run through it to your nearest base and regain your lost health and...
on Aug 14, 2004

Java Tools

I was very skeptical coming into OSCON this year and electing to stay here for 4 complete days when I only have a 45 minute session on wednesday. Particularly, given the smaller number of tracks and audience for Java at OSCON. Larry Wall Then I attended the evening speaches organized for today between 7 and 10pm. I am sure many would question my sanity of sitting in a chair voluntarily for 3 good...
on Jul 27, 2004

Java Enterprise

The plans for the next release of J2EE 5.0 (formally 1.5) are in full swing. One of the key initiatives is to reduce the complexity for the developers and focus on Ease of Development (EoD). EJB has always been an area where we have had requests to try and simplify things for the developer. I believe the early draft of the EJB 3.0 is off to a great start in accomplishing this requirement....
on Jul 27, 2004

Java Web Services and XML

Hi, In the past few days I have been thinking about a blog entry from an old acquaintance of mine from Austin, TX, Jeff Shineider. He has some interesting ideas around SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Java. Primarily, I was intrigued by his discussion on Dynamically Coupled Services. I believe that there are some interesting opportunities for some cool new software applications that...
on Jul 26, 2004

Java User Groups

This is a story of helping out a friend, which is a good thing for community members to do if they get the chance. The friend in this story is Bruno Souza. He is the current Community Leader of the JUGS Community here on, and a more enthusiastic guy you'll never meet! (and he's a snappy dresser!) Now, those of you readers who know me are not surprised to learn that I have spent some...
on Jul 22, 2004

Java Patterns

Let us start with a need Given a user name, userid and an email address create a user. We can call this "createUser" transaction with three parameters name, id, and email. Let us see how a client can invoke this horizontally Conceptual horizontal invocation using key value pairs client -> calls -> execTransaction(requestName="createUser",name="", id="", email...
on Jul 17, 2004