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Extreme Programming

Pragmatic Programmer Stuart Holloway said in a tweet recently, “Anybody can be agile in a green field. Show me your 3rd, 4th, and 5th releases.” Well, we've been maintaining Oracle Mojarra JSF for 32 releases and, we’ve found hudson a completely invaluable tool for maintaining agility as the technology matures and requires maintenance across all the versions we've ever released...
on Jul 1, 2011
The original Pragmatic Programmers, Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, talk about the tragedy of the software ghetto in this 2003 interview with Bill Venners. We all know the story of how unfixed broken windows can cause a nice neighborhood to start looking like a ghetto, and how this analogy is applied to an enterprise software project. While working through my email today, I came across a management...
on Jul 9, 2010
I have the extreme good fortune to speak at several conferences a year, and I always grow from each one, either by taking in useful content, or by meeting interesting people. This week I made my first trip to Poland, to speak at GeeCON 2010. As usual, I decided to re-invent my JSF presentation and didn't start the effort in earnest until far to late in the process. Though I was happy with the...
on May 15, 2010
Way back in October 2002, I had the enviable position of ramping up the development effort for the Sun RI for JavaServer Faces. At that time, Test Driven Development (TDD) was just starting to catch on, and I used my position as team leader to mandate (HA!) that we would use TDD on the project. I realized that for any mandate to succeed, it must be easy to implement, so the team and I invested...
on Mar 14, 2005