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Extreme Programming

The last ScrumGathering was held in Portland, OR, May 7-11. On Tuesday, Mike Cohn and I taught a course centered around a series of case studies. Wednesday and Thursday were Open Space sessions. The overall site for the Gathering is here". This is the result of a session on Games for Scrum, along with a particular planning game, AgileTripTik. I saw three themes: How can coaches/ScrumMasters...
on Jun 5, 2007
William Pietri provided a list of the user stories his team used in creating
on May 10, 2007
I ran across an interesting talk by Brett Pettichord: "Schools of Software Testing":
on Mar 22, 2007
Call For Participation The Second IEEE International Workshop on Horizontal Interactive Human-Computer System (Tabletop2007) Newport, Rhode Island, USA, October 10-12, 2007. Held in conjunction with ACM UIST 2007 Supported by IEEE The use of the tabletop as an input/output device is an exciting and emerging research area. This cross-disciplinary domain...
on Mar 6, 2007
Project management from a portfolio or stage-gate perspective (including how agile development fits in): "Rockets, Cars and Gardens: Visualizing waterfall, agile and stage gate."
on Mar 5, 2007
Tom Mellor, Alan Shalloway, Bob Schatz, and I put together a reading list on leadership, available on the ScrumAlliance web site.
on Jan 30, 2007
I work with a group that's been estimating in pair hours for a while. We'll describe a story, everybody will write their estimate on a card, somebody collects the estimates, and we make an overall estimate. (The tricky part is that an estimate needs to include the tasks that aren't yet known but that will be discovered.) We also track actuals. Whenever it's convenient, but definitely at the end...
on Dec 15, 2006
Just a pointer to an article I created, exploring lean product development and how set-based concurrent engineering relates to software.
on Dec 3, 2006
The fall ScrumGathering is in Minneapolis, MN, this week. I'm here for the two-day open space and the trainer's meeting. Groups are using as the conference proceedings. I'll refer to those articles rather than repeat them here. Product Owner - I hosted a session on challenges of being a product owner. We described various problems, and broke into subgroups to look...
on Nov 16, 2006
"Two Case Studies Motivating Efficiency as a "Spendable" Quantity", by Alistair Cockburn. A bottleneck limits the rate of production of a system. Clearly we want to improve its performance. But what should we do about non-bottlenecks? Alistair discusses several strategies, including the non-obvious one that the non-bottleneck may be better off deliberately spend extra time exploring alternatives...
on Nov 11, 2006
IEEE Software is going to have a special issue on test-driven development. Here's the call for papers: Papers are due by December 1, 2006; the issue will appear in May/June 2007.
on Nov 2, 2006
Communications of the ACM, October 2006 This issue has a few articles on global software development. Some touch on agile softare. One of the articles was a little odd, implying you needed duplicate role positions on both sides (which I can somewhat believe), and that cost is 150% of nominal (which seems unintuitive). (I'll admit I just did a quick skim of these articles, so perhaps I'm...
on Sep 29, 2006
Diana Larsen just published her analysis of trends in Agile software. (It's on the extremeprogramming yahoo group, which requires registration.)
on Aug 19, 2006
Brian Marick and I hosted "Extreme Test Makeover," where people could bring their laptops with code and tests, and have an experienced tester/programmer review them. Observations by participants: Watij tests in Fit are too long/confusing to read for customer. You could write it in JUnit instead of Fit Break them up into small focused tests Neat new delegate syntax (with .Net 2.0) Descriptive...
on Jul 26, 2006
The Agile conference is in a couple days. I thought I'd articulate what I want to learn and see, in hopes of helping make that happen:) Extreme Test Makeover - Monday, 11 AM - 5 PM, Mirage room. I hope to see a variety of types of tests, and a variety of styles that experts use in helping improve them. Example-Based Specifications - Tuesday, 1:30 PM - 5 PM, Nicolette D1. What makes a good "spec...
on Jul 21, 2006
Brian Marick and I are leading workshop DS11 on "Example-Based Specifications" at the Agile 2006 conference. (Register soon - the conference hotel is full, but there are still rooms nearby!) It's offered Tuesday afternoon. We think this session will really be enhanced if it includes product owners/customers who need to help specify systems. If yours will be at the conference, we'd love to see...
on Jun 16, 2006
Joshua Kerievsky has made available Industrial Logic's "Smell to Refactoring Cheat Sheet." (
on May 12, 2006
I sometimes enjoy describing feelings a software developer might experience, at certain moments during development. For example, a while back I blogged about "Grazie Signore" moments. This past weekend I attended the Northern Virginia Software Symposium and was fortunate to have a little time to spend with my NFJS comrades. A most vivid comment that Justin Gehtland made during one discussion...
on May 1, 2006
I recently conducted an interview with Sun's Greg Bollella that debunks some myths about the difficulties of Real-Time Java and touts the coming Slot Car Challenge at JavaOne, which will give developers a chance to write some RTSJ code and see if can guide a slot car around a track with speed and accuracy -- it should be fun. Greg believes that "The Slot Car Challenge at the 2006 JavaOne...
on Apr 7, 2006
Conscientious Software: Part One of a Conversation with Sun Microsystems Laboratories' Ron Goldman Here's a rich IMHO interview with Sun's Ron Goldman by yours truly. Ron's a senior staff engineer at Sun Labs who is working with Richard Gabriel to envision a new software model. As we move into a world of massive software interdependence where standalone apps are on the way out, Ron wants to...
on Mar 30, 2006