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This is getting ridiculous, although in a vaguely amusing way. Instead of merely reserving seats at the keynote for the alumni, today they hold the new folks behind ropes until the alums have found their way to their seats. So we few, we chosen few, walk past these "serfs" on the way into the keynote. I mean, really. What message does that send? If watching it from the cheap seats was...
on Jun 10, 2003
JavaOne 1998 was a watershed moment for me. For starters, that was the year of the Java Ring. And having cut my teeth as a programmer on embedded systems, the ring was super cool. Imagine Java -- the network-savvy language -- running on a multitude of useful devices all around you. Great, now let's get cracking already. That was also the year when Enterprise JavaBeans were the rave (pun...
on Jun 10, 2003
It's after 9 in the morning. An unnatural time for a software developer to be awake. And even more unnatural after having been up late last night socializing (the most important part of JavaOne). Its enough to make one wonder why they don't start the conference at noon. Unfortunately, if they started the show at noon, it would encroach into that valuable socialization time. On the other hand,...
on Jun 10, 2003
So, here we are, extremely tired at 6:30am on the first day of Java One. The site is live and in ending one journey we begin another. Building (and rebuilding it, and renaming it, and re....) has been an amazing ride especially over the last several months. I thank God we had such an incredible team who seemed to trade in their sleep cycles for patience and teamwork. There were times...
on Jun 10, 2003
InfoWorld just published an article on how and the JCP might interact, and my name appears in the first sentence! Boy when you see that you hold your breath and hope the reporter got things right. You never know what crazy things you might find attributed to you. Happily, Bob McMillan usually gets the facts right, and he did pretty well here. Now, I think the article's gratuitously...
on Jun 10, 2003
The well known secret of JavaOne is that the best stuff doesn't happen behind the doors of the presentation rooms at Moscone, but it happens in the restaurants, bars, and other meeting spots around Moscone. Sure, you can hear good things in the presentations, but it's the socializing with all those other attendees running around that you really find the benefits of coming to JavaOne. And that...
on Jun 10, 2003
So today I went to the "JavaOne Alumni Fireside Chat" with James Gosling, Rob Gingell, Tim Lindholm and Graham Hamilton sitting on sofas and chatting with Paul Pangaro in front of a fireplace with a framed Mark Rothko poster over the mantle and Graham tossing stuffed tigers and a lengthy Q&A from the audience. The title of this blog refers to the last question of the evening, which was...
on Jun 9, 2003
It's the Monday before JavaOne and all through the City every creature is typing, and using their mouse... Something funny happened last night. My fiancee Kathlyn, who lives two hours away in central California, was brainstorming how she could find time to stop by during JavaOne. She came over last year, the year before that, and I think even the year before that. Tough to know, the shows...
on Jun 9, 2003
This article talks about the upcoming demonstration of Project Rave from Sun. Basically, Rave is a new, integrated development tool for Java built on top of NetBeans. Though, at this point, I've gotta say that it's going to have to be truly stellar to deserve more than a yawn from hard-core developers.
on Jun 9, 2003
I'm now in a cold & grey San Francisco and my hotel room overlooks Moscone Convention Center. The new Java logo is scattered all over the buildings and billboards, and there are people everywhere building stands and making preparations for the influx. Last night I sat in on preparations for Rich Green's keynote on Wednesday, and there's some cool stuff in there... I have been to all of the...
on Jun 9, 2003
Try to check everything out. Sleep is optional. This is JavaOne, after all. No, really, try it. I admit that, since the first JavaOne, the meeting has become less of a whirlwind, more predictable, more, er, mature shall we say. But it started with all the dot-com liftoff energy, and this means that "mature" is a relative thing. When you're starting from London, being in Amsterdam is on...
on Jun 9, 2003
Its the Sunday before my fifth JavaOne and already I can see that I'm gonna be really sleepy by next Friday. As usual for me BOFs, Community Meetings and nightime activities will keep me up despite best intentions and in a real sense those after dark activities are the best of what a Technology Conference can give you. For me JavaOne is all about running into old friends, new trends and...
on Jun 8, 2003
So, tomorrow is the unofficial first day of JavaOne. Having been to every single JavaOne since it started (and NetscapeOne a year prior), it's become something of a ritual to spend a week in summer at the Moscone. Several things have changed for the better. First and foremost, the Sony Metreon next door means that one can get decent food during the show without having to catch a cab. Second, I...
on Jun 8, 2003
Once again, JavaOne is upon us. It's hard to believe that this is the 8th JavaOne since it all started. Somehow, amazingly, I've been to each and every one. And each year is different. The first was, in many ways, the best. Java was new, I was younger, and every session was an opportunity to learn more and more. I remember going back to my hotel room exhausted every night from the raw torrent of...
on Jun 7, 2003