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on Sep 20, 2010
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on Sep 18, 2010
This is the first edition of a new column I'll be writing each weekend titled " the Week in Review." In the column, I'll present all of the previous week's Java Today news items, a selection of blog posts, polls, and spotlights. I'll organize the presentation by categorizing the featured news items, so if, for example, your interest is JavaEE and GlassFish, you'll be...
on May 1, 2010


San Francisco/Kassel, September 2010. Micromata has been invited by Oracle to present a new Java interface for KML at this year's JavaOne in San Francisco. JavaOne is the biggest and most important conference for the international Java Community to discuss the latest issues of the Java technology. Kai Reinhard and Florian Bachmann from the Micromata GmbH will present JAK on this occasion. JAK is...
on Sep 16, 2010
JavaOne 2010 is going to be my first time on the conference. Even tough I have been developing in Java in the past 12 years I never managed to attend. The fact this is the first JavaOne under Oracle stewardship makes it yet more exciting. Living south of the Equator doesn't make it particularly easy for me to travel, but this is not the main reason why I have missed JavaOne in the past....
on Sep 15, 2010
The JavaOne and Oracle Develop Registration page includes some basic information about blogger passes. Unlike recent years, blogger passes to JavaOne will not be availble through Instead, if you'd like a blogger pass, you'll need to follow the registration procedure listed on the page. The listed requirements for getting a blogger pass for JavaOne / Oracle Develop don't include the...
on Jun 9, 2010
 Two talks at JavaOne this year: S313580 - "Swinglabs Dev Update" with Karl and Alex ... I hope guys will do most of the talking :D S314239 - "Building Content Management solutions based on Java Content Repository" together with Greg BTW for those wondering what is happening with the, server have been recently moved around yet again. It is now in so...
on May 11, 2010
Entry posted to my new blog.
on Feb 4, 2010
There is a pair of SunSpots placed on the yellow gloves Denis wearing. They track location and transfer some events to the FX application (actually, a bunch of different JavaFX applications shown on the screen). Technically speaking, no changes are required for FX side. Denis, thank you for the demonstration! You look like Luke Skywalker there :)
on Aug 11, 2009
Several pictures and short movies are here in the JavaOne folder, including the announcement of some of the winners of the 2009 JCP Program Awards 2009: JCP Program Member of the Year Apache Software Foundation (ASF) JCP Program Participant of the Year Doug Lea Outstanding Spec Lead for Java SE/EE Ed Burns for JSR 314 Most Innovative JSR for Java SE/EE JSR 316 , Java EE...
on Jun 15, 2009
JavaOne is always such a big week for me (and many of us) that I need a bit of time to unwind before I go back to my regular routine. So this year, I took on a little hobby project. My daughter is 4 year old now, and so I play with her with LEGO all the time. While building random things, I discovered that I enjoy building spheres, mainly because they are easy :-) Then one day while I was...
on Jun 8, 2009
The community will be busy through late Friday afternoon, on the final day of JavaOne 2009, with three more JavaOne technical sessions: 1:30 PM, Matt Warman et al. (jfrets project): PAN-5388: Making Music with the Javaâ„¢ Programming Language - Musicians and software developers are kindred spirits. Developing algorithms and implementing them seems to be quite similar to developing a...
on Jun 5, 2009
And the evolving album at ... See ya tomorrow at JavaOne Day 4! Technorati: conf javaone glassfish sanfrancisco
on Jun 4, 2009
Tomas Hurka and I gave a BOF last night presenting "Monitoring and Troubleshooting Java applications using JDK tools". The slides give an overview of the tools in the JDK, summarize the symptom and tools to use to diagnose a few typical performance problems including memory leak, deadlock, high lock contention that we walked through the demos. Check out the documentation, article and other...
on Jun 4, 2009
Last night, Ryan Lubke and I gave a BOF on creating components with JSF 2. If you've been reading my blogs, none of this will be especially new, but I did think that you might appreciate the slides, which I've now uploaded and are available in OpenOffice 3 and PDF versions. The OpenOffice version has the slide notes, which you might find helpful. Still missing is the code that Ryan did last...
on Jun 4, 2009
We are giving out more prizes today in the JavaOne Pavilion! Help us fill the survey at and there are couple of drawings: 1pm at the GlassFish Enteprise Server Booth (#550) in the Pavilion 8:30pm at GlassFish BoF More details here. Technorati: conf  glassfish javaone sanfrancisco
on Jun 4, 2009
A few photos from around JavaOne, taken with the world's weirdest lens - a Lensbaby Control Freak - this is a lens that you can twist and turn like a flexible tube. It lets you do some things that were possible on old-fashioned bellows cameras, but are normally impossible with an SLR camera, where you can't change the relative angle of the lens to the film/sensor. For example, the "Java =...
on Jun 3, 2009


On my wordpress blog, I've composed yet another digest of JavaOne highlights.
on Sep 15, 2010