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Continuing from Take 1, 2, 3 and more pictures from JavaOne 2008. GlassFish Day Opening Session and GlassFish booth @ Community One ... All JavaOne 2008 pictures are available here. Technorati: conf javaone javaone2008 photography
on May 5, 2008
Continuing from Take 1 and 2 and more pictures from JavaOne 2008. GlassFish Party @ Thirsty Bear ... All JavaOne 2008 pictures are available here. Technorati: conf javaone javaone2008 photography
on May 5, 2008
Continuing from Take 1, more pictures from JavaOne 2008. Agenda planning in GlassFish Unconference ... Round 1 on GlassFish v3/OSGi and Clustering/High Availability ... Round 2 on Community, Java EE and continues on v3/OSGi ... And there were Round 3 & 4 where I participated actively so no pictures :) All JavaOne...
on May 4, 2008
Now that JavaOne 2008 is almost here, I'll try to post regular pictures from and around the show. This is the first lot ... General session keynote speakers rehearsing ... and the "boss" relaxing ... Getting ready for rehearsals ... Members of the production team who runs the show ... Camera crew ... And the registration...
on May 4, 2008
JavaOne 2008 starts form tomorrow, actually today: there is Unconference in the afternoon. This is going to be my first 8th JavaOne in a row and a most busy one! Here are some of the scripting related talks and events: BOF-5111 Scripting in GlassFish TS-5416 JRuby: Why, What, How...Do It Now TS-4806 JRuby on Rails: Web Development Evolved TS-...
on May 4, 2008
Joshua Marinacci takes us on a behind the scenes sneak preview of the 2008 JavaOne Conference
on May 4, 2008
Other than the impressive list of GlassFish events/sessions @ JavaOne 2008, we will also be giving out the following goodies ... Tee-shirts, Phone gel pad, Memory stick, Hats and who knows there might be last minute schwags ;-) So stop by at any GlassFish booth Java EE SDK GlassFish Open Source Application Server Scripting on GlassFish GlassFish Communication Server and SIP Social...
on May 3, 2008
Here are several ways to stay on top of what's happening in JavaOne 2008: Webcasts of General Sessions Read Blogs and hear podcasts Pick up JavaOne TODAY each day for Conference updates Stay informed with Conference RSS News Feed Tweet on @JavaOne2008, @SDNJavaOne2008 (FREE JavaOne Pass giveaway), @DukeJava and  Join JavaOne Facebook group Make friends with Duke All the latest news in...
on May 2, 2008
Next week is JavaOne 2008! I'll be speaking there with Jean-François Denise, about upcoming developments in JMX technology. Here are some of the other sessions you might want to attend if you're interested in that. BOF-5552, "Java Observability by Bytecode Instrumentation", K Balasubramainan and A Sunararajan, Tuesday 7:30pm, Esplanade 300...
on May 2, 2008
It's going to be an excite week..... Hope to see you there. Just to remember: Saturday - Java Community Leaders Meeting Sunday - Glassfish UnConference Monday - CommunityOne Tuesday to Friday - JavaOne Saturday - what?
on May 1, 2008
Here are my personal engagements during JavaOne. They are also the best venues to catch me because I'm either speaking or mentoring: Monday (May 4th) 2:35 - 3:30pm, S297403 - Building Ajax Applications 6-9pm: GlassFish @ JavaU Bonus Evening Course - Intercontinental Hotel, Grand Ballroom C, 3rd Floor Tuesday (May 5th) 1:30-3:00pm, Sun General Session 3:20 - 5:20pm: LAB 8400 - Designing...
on May 1, 2008
I plan to attend JavaOne this year again. In this year one of interesting topics is EclipseLink (Open source version of TopLink) and I found there are 3 sessions like below: CommunityOne 2008 - May 5 The Java
on Apr 28, 2008
Start counting in days now before the JavaOne frenzy begins! In the mean while, here is a quick summary of GlassFish related events: Sunday (5/4) GlassFish Unconference (free registration) Monday (5/5) GlassFish Day (free registration - also gives you free access to JavaOne Pavilion and General Sessions on Tuesday), Party @ Thirsy Bear in the evening (just show up) Tuesday - Thursday (5/...
on Apr 28, 2008
Here is my table of chosen talks for JavaOne San Francisco 2008. I exported it from the ScheduleBuilder tool, sorry for the verbosity. Time Remove Session ID/Title Speaker(s) Tuesday , May 06 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM   Sun General Session Java + YOU   10:30 AM - 10:50 AM To schedule a session during this timeslot, please return to the Content Catalog...
on Apr 25, 2008
I've been doing a top 10 list for a couple years for JavaOne technology tracks. No need to stop now. So let's jump right to it. If you're interested in what I think are the top 10, must-see Java Desktop sessions at JavaOne 2008, the Desktop sessions that will influence you the most in the coming year, check them out and make sure you use the online Schedule Builder to sign up. Scheduled times...
on Apr 23, 2008
JavaOne 2008 is 2 weeks away, gosh! Everything around is oriented accordingly starting from slides, messaging, demos, rehearsals, booth duties, shwags, parties, after dark events, customer meetings (some old friends too ;-) and lots of other stuff. It's full gear already and now full speed ahead! Here are some links for you to get started: JavaOne main website  Activities...
on Apr 21, 2008
Java University, which will begin on Monday, May 5, 2008 as part of 2008 JavaOne, is available for attendance by Conference Plus Pass and Java University Pass holders. At the podium will be experts who will expound on the latest of many popular technologies and tools as they relate to SOA and Web 2.0: the JavaFX and Java Card technologies; the Java EE, Java SE, and Java ME platforms; JRuby on...
on Apr 8, 2008
Although I was there last year -- writing, blogging, communicating to the community -- I don't have a pass to JavaOne 2008 yet. Unfortunately, I have no concrete plans. No corporate or community sponsor has agreed to help yet either. It's a sad, sad thing. Indeed, these are trying, desperate times. I want to go to JavaOne...and I'm willing to take drastic action. Sure, I could just put up the...
on Mar 26, 2008
It's that time of year again! JavaOne 2008 is scheduled for May 6-9, 2008 in Moscone Center, San Francisco, California. JavaOne 2008 Call For Papers closes Nov 16 (this Friday). This is your chance to reach out to more than 15,000 developers and share the cool technology that you are working on. The three step process to submit the paper is: Read the Topics Understand the Criteria Submit...
on Nov 13, 2007
Even though Java Today already posted an item on this subject yesterday, it merits a repeat: JavaOne Conference 2008, slated for May 6-9, 2008 at The Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, is now open for abstracts on papers. The deadline is November 16, 2007, barely 2 1/2 weeks away. For details, see the program site. Be sure to read the topics and criteria before sending your abstracts.Next year...
on Oct 31, 2007