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var headID = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0]; var cssNode = document.createElement('link');cssNode.type = 'text/css';cssNode.rel = 'stylesheet';cssNode.href = ''; = 'screen';headID.appendChild(cssNode);JCP/JavaEE Artifacts in Maven Central As mentioned in the Editor’s Blog, artifacts are finally...
on Sep 2, 2011
As you can see on the JSR page for JSR-314, the Final Approval Ballot phase for JSF 2.0 is underway and runs til 26 May. The spec, reference implementation, and TCK have been delivered to the JCP Executive Committee. I have posted an Editor's Draft corresponding to that version of the spec in our Documents & Files section. Comments are always welcome to Also, a...
on May 14, 2009
Before sorting After sorting The JSF 2.0 project has reached the culmination of the XSLT contest and the scheduling exercises the JSF 2.0 Expert Group has been doing since August. I took the 88 issues in the query of issues we declared we’d try to do in the remainder of JSF 2.0, and used qoob’s XSLT sheet to produce an 88 page document, which I printed at Kinkos ($9.42 expense...
on Oct 21, 2008
In case you need it, here's a jumpstart on using for your JSR. 1. get a id (duh) 2. Create a project called something like NAME-spec-public in the JSR community. We try to keep all the projects that correspond to JSRs in that project. For NAME, I recommend jsf-metadata. The -spec-public part is a practice we've been following thus far. Use this...
on Jun 15, 2005


My last blog entry about JSR-314-OPEN@JCP.ORG was over a year ago. This list is the official Expert Group (EG) mailing list on which the development of the JSR-314 specification (JSF 2.0) is discussed. The information on how to subscribe/unsubscribe to this list changed in June 2010, but I haven't updated any existing information or blogged any new information about it. This is the overdue...
on Mar 19, 2010