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Before sorting After sorting The JSF 2.0 project has reached the culmination of the XSLT contest and the scheduling exercises the JSF 2.0 Expert Group has been doing since August. I took the 88 issues in the query of issues we declared we’d try to do in the remainder of JSF 2.0, and used qoob’s XSLT sheet to produce an 88 page document, which I printed at Kinkos ($9.42 expense...
on Oct 21, 2008
The Public Review of JSR 262, "Web Services Connector for JMX Agents", is underway, and there's a new snapshot of the Reference Implementation that corresponds to the Public Review specification. Jean-François's blog has the full details. [Tags: jmx jsr262 ws-management.]
on Feb 18, 2008
So JSR 323 has failed the review ballot, which means it's out before first base. It never quite looked viable. What is interesting is the voting comments from the JCP Executive Committee. It seems that the later voters are referring to voting comments made by earlier voters. Which means that the later voters can see the voting comments (and presumably the votes) made by the earlier voters...
on Jan 24, 2008
Right NOW, I am just starting to use J2SE 5.0's features, like generic types or java.util.concurrent, in my bigger projects. The reason is that large corps are slow, and they use application servers from even slower vendors... As a project architect, I'd love to send an email to my clients today, informing that our projects are moving to Java SE 6 and Glassfish V2 (or other up-to-date server)...
on Jan 14, 2008
If (newly announced) JSR 323 is viable, it looks like it might give us continuations. If you can move a thread to another JVM and have it run there, you can also presumably move it to storage, pull it back onto the original JVM some time later, and have it continue execution. This might be worth watching.
on Jan 8, 2008
In javaposse 150 the guys were talking about something and veered off on a tangent talking about multiple return values and tuples and such like. Next up they talked about the closures JSR. That sparked a thought that maybe we could transform the multiple return values problem in order to solve it using closures. So what if instead of returning multiple values, a method returned void, but had...
on Nov 28, 2007
Unless you having been living in a cave, you should have heard that the OpenJDK is finally here today! :-) I have been planning to make the JSR 277: Java Module System expert group mailing list publicly readable for quite some time now, but the infrastructure in has been pretty unstable in the last two months to make this possible and usable. Now the OpenJDK web site is available and...
on May 8, 2007
It took me a while to write something up :-) Hope the formatting does not matter... Also published here. JSR 277 Early Draft Review JSR 277 Early Draft Review JSR 277: Java Module System Patrik Beno Copyright
on Oct 24, 2006
Sometimes I talk with my friends about the technology I'm woking on and evrebody says
on Jun 20, 2006
This morning, on this first day of JavaOne in sunny San Francisco, I attended the technical session, "JMX [Java Management Extensions] Technology Today and Tomorrow." JMX provides the APIs for building distributed software for managing and monitoring applications and networks. The session, held by Jean-Francois Denise and Eamonn McManus at Sun, started with a demo on jconsole, a generic tool...
on May 16, 2006
In case you need it, here's a jumpstart on using for your JSR. 1. get a id (duh) 2. Create a project called something like NAME-spec-public in the JSR community. We try to keep all the projects that correspond to JSRs in that project. For NAME, I recommend jsf-metadata. The -spec-public part is a practice we've been following thus far. Use this...
on Jun 15, 2005
JSR 273 extends the JavaBeans specification and APIs to improve design-time functionality for component authors to leverage within the visual design environments in IDEs. This article reviews JSR 273 with the spec lead, and offers a few hints of where Java IDE tools may be heading. JSR 273 spec lead, Joe Nuxoll, provides an interesting difference between the .NET and Java developers thought...
on Jun 1, 2005
I'm very happy to announce that the JCP has begun voting on a JSR to standardize the BeanShell scripting language through the Java Community Process. The goal of this JSR will be to formalize the langauge and provide the RI and TCK which will allow it to be included in a future release of the J2SE. This effort will build upon the introduction of the javax.script API by providing a standard,...
on May 25, 2005
A few days ago the JCP cranked out a public review of JSR-223, which has so far been received with a few blog notes and relatively little discussion. This is not surprising, given that if you you read the JCP description for this group it appears to have something to do with getting PHP pages into WAR files. (Useful, not very exciting). But I'm going to let you in on a little secret. There are...
on Feb 11, 2005
A new JSR has been created that proposes to build a JSP Tag Library for Web Services... A JSP tag library for Web Services is a happy union of the two technologies that will help JSP page authors integrate Web Services into their web applications with minimal effort and quick turnaround times. In addition to existing standards for both Web Services and JSP technologies, there is industry wide...
on Jan 13, 2005
Hi, Finally... JSR 94 got to the final stage. This was the first JSR I had a chance to participate and I can tell you that it was a lot of work. On the one hand, you have great discussions around the technology itself and trying to figure out some of the best ways of doing certain things. You also get to work with very smart people who have different perspectives which helps open your...
on Aug 16, 2004