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Visual Library is a library in NetBeans, which you can use in standalone Java apps, for doing beautiful, complex, animated layouts. JUNG is a library for exploring graphs of connected data. What if we put those two things together? That's what I did. The result is on GitHub. Video demo and more info over on my blog.
on Sep 4, 2013


How to use JDK 7's AutoCloseable for more than just I/O - it's actually quite useful in your own APIs. See the real full blog over on
on Jun 4, 2013


A bit before NetBeans 5.0 was out, I wrote support for completion tooltips for JLists and JTrees for NetBeans' Explorer components. It's not at all NetBeans-specific - it can be used for any JList or JTree. What it does is relatively simple - provide tooltip-like popup(s) that are painted by the list or tree's cell renderer. If necessary it will provide two tooltips - one on the left, and...
on Aug 21, 2006
I'm doing way too many talks at JavaONE this year. First and foremost, my friend Jarda Tulach and I will be doing a technical session on Friday afternoon at 2:30PM - How to Design APIs that Stand the Test of Time (TS-6218). We did a similar talk as a BOF last year, and to our amazement, the room was standing-room-only at 10:30PM with a party with free beer happening next door. Basically what...
on May 12, 2006
I wrote a prototype replacement for the Wizards API in NetBeans - trying very hard to create something clean and easy to use, especially one which didn't require the user of the API to write any more code than absolutely necessary. It's now a project on and I'd love to get some feedback. The ideas are pretty simple: A wizard does not alter its environment until finish() is called You...
on Apr 17, 2005
There are now weekly source snapshots of J2SE 6.0 (Mustang) on; but many people want to just try making some change in Swing. In this post, Bino George of the Swing team tells how to build Swing in NetBeans - so all you do to build it is press F11, and all you do to run SwingSet is press F6.
on Mar 24, 2005