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on Apr 12, 2010
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on Apr 12, 2010
Web applications created by the Eclipse IDE contains an annoying folder WebContent to host the web resources and deployment descriptors. Quite natural for Eclipse users, this feature ignores the Maven convention and force the developers to hack the pom files in order to get the project up and running in Eclipse. In this aspect, Eclipse if far behind the other IDEs regarding Maven support, even if...
on Dec 28, 2009
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on Dec 4, 2009
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on Sep 16, 2009
Now that you've installed GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse 1.1, lets use this bundle to create a simple Metro/JAX-WS compliant Web service and deploy on GlassFish. These steps will work with either Eclipse 3.4.2 or 3.5 with WTP Java EE support. Lets create a simple "Dynamic Web Project" as shown below: Name the project "HelloMetro" and take all other defaults: Click on "Finish" to...
on Aug 26, 2009
EclipseCon 2009 is next week, and on Tuesday, March 24, i will be presenting a session called "On The Shoulders of Giants: Harnessing the Power of Eclipse Enterprise Ecosystem". Here is the abstract: Code reuse in large projects is not just a trendy buzzword. If you can build upon solid, evolving and well tested foundations that are developed and maintained by committed teams, you have much less...
on Mar 18, 2009
Eclipse Ganymede is the annual release of Eclipse projects; this year including 23 projects. Screencast #WS6 showed how GlassFish v2 can be easily registered and started within an earlier version of Eclipse (3.3 specifically). Eclipse is now 3.4 (as part of Ganymede) and GlassFish v3 is blazing the community with it's modular, embeddable and extensible architecture. This blog shows...
on Jun 27, 2008
After struggling for weeks and almost giving up, I finally managed to have the Eclipse TPTP profiler working on my Ubuntu 64bits box! As this was a painful and unbelievably hard experience (because of Eclipse TPTP, not Ubuntu/Linux, BTW), I'm going to share a few tips here. First of all, this is going to be a quick and dirty blog. I don't have the time, patience, or motivation to do a detailed...
on Jun 26, 2008
Traditionally, agile development methods and reuse have been considered opposite concepts, even though they both aim for the same goals: higher quality and higher productivity in software development. But actually they are optimal for using together, because test-driven development is an integral part of agile methods. The FAST (Fully Automated Search and Test) plug-in to Eclipse supports the...
on Sep 13, 2007


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on Apr 8, 2010
Bonjour, Comment Java? This coming Thursday(08/27/09) 'll be at GooglePlex (Mountain View) for an Eclipse Day...The entire genda is at 2 presos seem to be very interesting so far: OSGi for Eclipse Developers Deploying Successful Entreprise Tools and possibly others...The Google crowd is impressive. There is a waiting list for people who...
on Aug 24, 2009


I will wrap up my experience at eclipsecon. This was my first time at eclipsecon. Folks who had been here earlier told me that this year there was a lot of topics around eclipse runtime projects – so the focus has shifted from tools to runtime. Overall I liked eclipsecon. My topic, OSGi & Java EE in GlassFish, was also of the same type. The slides of my talk are...
on Mar 30, 2010
As promised earlier, I am going to quickly go over the key points I gathered from the talks I attended at eclipsecon and I also want to brief you about my topic at the conference. Because of a migrane attack earlier today which I firmly believe was caused by severe jat lag, I could not attend as much on day #2 as I had earlier decided to, and that's the very reason why I will keep...
on Mar 24, 2010


Meeting with OSGi Experts   Although I had interacted with a number of active members of OSGi [1] expert group, last week I had the opportunity to meet some of these experts at an OSGi Enterprise Expert Group face2face event held at LinkedIn's Mountain View office. This is also the first time I met Richard S. Hall, the Felix guy (don't confuse with a very active Felix [2]...
on Mar 22, 2010


TOTD #97 showed how to install GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse 1.1. Basically there are two options - either install Eclipse 3.4.2 with WTP and pre-bundled/configured with GlassFish v2/v3, MySQL JDBC driver and other features. Or if you are using Eclipse 3.5, then you can install the plug-in separately and get most of the functionality. TOTD #98 showed how to create a simple Metro/JAX-WS...
on Aug 31, 2009