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Automating Deployment of the Summit ADF Sample Application to the Oracle Java Cloud Service
on Jun 4, 2015


Validating Oracle Java Cloud Service HA One of my favorite applications from my Sun Java System Application Server days was the Cluster JSP Sample Application. In a cluster configuration fronted by a load balancer, this simple JSP provides a nice summary of which cluster node handled the request as well as the ability to test session failover. Therefore, why not try it on the Oracle Java Cloud...
on Jan 7, 2015


I'm expanding on an earlier post where I explained how to deploy JAX-RS Web Services to the Oracle Cloud. In that entry the web service simply returned a hard-coded "Hello World". In reality, you most likely want your web service to expose something more meaningful. In this post I'm going to expand the HelloJerseyApp to display the results from a table, which I'll expose using a JPA...
on Aug 30, 2013

Web Development Tools

As a test, I re-created the HRSystem application as described in the tutorial Developing Rich Web Applications With Oracle ADF. It's more than your basic Hello World application. For starters, the HR system application accesses a database. It also takes advantage of some sophisticated ADF features, such as graphs, page flows, auto-suggest, menu options to export to Excel and display in...
on Jan 23, 2013


When you're adding a table record and need a primary key, you can choose to generate one yourself or let the Java Persistence API do that for you. In this entry, I'm going to review a couple of the alternatives the JPA provides you for creating primary keys. The JPA Options If you want JPA to generate a primary key for you, you just need to add an @GeneratedValue along with the @Id annotation...
on Dec 5, 2006
The Java Persistence API is beautiful. I create a class, annotate it with @Entity and @Id and I'm on my way. That is, however, assuming the Id is of a simple type (I'm a firm believer that primary keys should be of a simple type, unrelated to the data they index.). However, if you find yourself in a situation where you must use a composite key (hopefully this is only because you're connecting...
on Nov 29, 2006
Another one of Seam's compelling features is its ability to manage "conversations". A Seam conversation provides fine grain control over the traditional HTTP session scope so that "concurrent conversations" can occur in HTTP session, which usually occur when users open another browser window or tab. The problem is best described with an example. I've added a confirmation...
on Nov 15, 2006