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Sun has released Gilad Bracha's Generics Tutorial.
on Feb 17, 2004
'Tis true; for those that she makes fair she scarce makes honest, and those that she makes honest she makes very ill-favouredly-As You Like It, Act I, Scene ii As much as I hear people talking about "a renewed interest in Java on the desktop", I hear just as many differences in basic assumptions about what we want or expect from these applications. Conversations with other authors and webloggers...
on Feb 13, 2004
As I said, I'm back with more on the new JDK 1.5. There is a new package called java.lang.instrument that allows you to intercept a class before being loaded and modify its bytecode, for example (can I hear standard entry point for AOP support? :-P). Well, let's use it for something different: measuring the size of some objects. Here is the code: import java.lang.instrument.*;import java.util.*;...
on Feb 5, 2004
Ok, sorry for not blogging for so long, but I have to work, date etc. :-D I hope this is the start of a series of small, but informative blog entries about new features available in Tiger, especially the ones a hundred people haven't mentioned before me :-D To begin with, I'll show you how to use the new nanoTime() method in System. An important thing to notice is that nanoTime()'s return and...
on Feb 5, 2004
Sun has released J2SE v1.5 beta 1. Go wild!
on Feb 4, 2004
Mac OS X is now officially up-to-date with Java, as Apple has just released a substantial J2SE 1.4.2 implementation that catches up with the latest release version from Sun. Panther (ie, Mac OS X 10.3.x) users can find it in their Software Update. For those wanting a stand-alone installer (hello, sysadmins!), one is available here. The download is about 28 MB. The big news in this update is...
on Feb 3, 2004
So I've been reading a bit about this battle between Microsoft and Sun ... I mean between C# and Java ... about something I think is called a delegate. The above URL describes them in the context, strangely, of Visual J++. From what it looks like to me, all that C# really has that Java does not is the ability to, effectively, have one method per callback interface. This would be as if, for...
on Jan 22, 2004
Exceptions are a new concept for most people when they get to learn Java. Even though C++ offers some degree of support for them, a number of C++ programmers never heard of exceptions since the language they were used to did not force them to handle or declare exceptions. Other languages are said to have them as well - such as Ada, though I just read this information a few times and know nothing...
on Jan 7, 2004
Querying a database is no big deal. SQL has been around for a long time and has become the de facto standard for doing that. So has JDBC, even though nowadays it is being used more as the foundation of other solutions and frameworks. But what you do when you have to query objects? Most people wouldn't be able to answer it, really. Three more common ways of querying your objects in Java are...
on Dec 31, 2003
Rather than being forced to register at JavaLobby to be able to get access to the release, you can download the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v1.5.0 alpha release directly from Sun. People interested in the JSR-166 Concurrency additions should note that the Tiger alpha release does not contain the latest version of the package. You can get the latest version from the JSR 166 resources web site.
on Dec 28, 2003
Now that the J2EE Web Services book has been published and I'm wrapping up work on the 4ed of the EJB book, I can talk a little about what I'm planning to do in 2004. So what's next? I've wanted to write a book on J2SE for a couple of years, but since this space is already crowded I've put it off. Recently, however, I've decided to test out some material for such a book - I may post it on the...
on Dec 27, 2003
I've recently been playing more intensively with CVS - I've always used either IDE support for it or any nice GUI client for CVS available - and found out more about GZIP compression than I knew before. That's my main motivation for this post. It's been quite a while - since JDK 1.1, according to javadocs - Java has been providing support for working with ZLIB compression through its API. The...
on Dec 26, 2003
If you read my last blog entry about J2SDK 1.5 alpha availability, you know you cannot make public comments about. So, with that information in mind, let's move on :-D Suppose you download a J2SDK version from Sun that comes with no documentation at all. Well, all of them come without it, but for most you can get the docs as a separate bundle and install them. Very recently, I downloaded a J2SDK...
on Dec 25, 2003
Here are a couple of recent articles with recommendations of Java exception handling practices... From, Gunjan Doshi gives us his Best Practices for Exception Handling. From, Jim Cushing gives us hisThree Rules for Effective Exception Handling. The questions of what, where, and why are spot on.
on Dec 12, 2003
One thing I've been missing in Java is support for enums. Some of you might be asking: but what is a enum and why should I care about them? A enum is, in a simple way, a class with a limited domain. For example, a class representing the seasons we have during the year - although climate seems crazy these days, anyway, but that's a different story - is a enum. Another example would be a class that...
on Dec 10, 2003
Once again (actually it seems like an age since the last one), a new incarnation of the J2SE is nearing release. This time there seems to be a lot of completely new language features (that is not to say that previous releases have been insignificant). Below is a list of major features: Generics Enhanced for loop Autoboxing/unboxing Typesafe enums Static import Metadata As you can see these...
on Dec 3, 2003
I popped down to the JSIG today, the topic of which was Eclipse. Unfortunately I had a 2pm meeting so could only stay for the first presentation by Berthold Daum (author of Eclipse for Java Developers) which was an overview of Eclipse, SWT and plugin development. The first part of the session took a look at Eclipse itself, and Berthold gave a good overview of the tool, the workbench, the...
on Nov 14, 2003
One of my grad school instructors, Dr. Muth, used to stress to us that we'd get more mileage out of synthesis, connecting ideas from different sources and combining them into new ideas, than cold analysis, taking a source and stripping it down to its essentials. In that spirit, I'd like to connect the dots between what bloggers and other smart people have been saying recently about "...
on Nov 14, 2003
My last weblog entry generated some good discussion about Java GUI builder tools and how they should work - how they could be made to save serialized objects instead of code, and how some apps already do this. A couple of people made the point that new and better GUI tools won't necessarily result in better applications. jeremyzacker writes: The problem with Java GUIs isn't the language, its the...
on Nov 5, 2003
Last night my sons and some of their friends were visiting and one of the boys took me aside, said he had a question. He's 15 years old, very bright, and growing up in a world that's somewhat different then the one I remember. There are some similarities. There's a war on although fortunately there's no need for a teenager to worry about being drafted. Cars and girls seem to hold the same...
on Nov 3, 2003