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Here are my slides on my "Remoting Retrospective" presentation at JavaOne 2012: Remoting Retrospective (pdf)
on Oct 26, 2012


Frank Sommers at Artima tells us that it's official, the Apache Foundation accepted Sun's Jini contribution. Jini now is an Apache incubator project under the "River" name. Frank also interviews Dan Creswell, 2004 Jini Community Award, about the new perspectives of Jini. A suggested reading IMHO. Technorati tags: Jini, Apache
on Jan 3, 2007
Plans are getting set for the 10th Jini Community Meeting, September in Brussels. The program agenda will be posted this week, and filled with a variety of talks on 'all things Jini' (technology, projects, philosophy, deployments, community culture, etc). It's a good time, always filled with interesting presentations and conversations. The Meeting is open to all, and there's no cost involved....
on Aug 16, 2006
Testing the Jini Technology Starter Kit is a lot of fun. It's also a lot of work. Since version 2.0 of the starter kit (when a new plug-able implementation of the Java RMI programming model was added -- named JERI), the test matrix has really exploded! For instance, here is a sampling of the different options that we test: Operating Systems: 1 Mac, 3 Linux, 2 Windows, and 4 Solaris JDKs:...
on Apr 13, 2006
I orginally wanted to show the a Jini Message Board at the 8th Jini Community Meeting last December. Unfortunately the network was against us and the demo didn't work. The Demo In order to allow others to have a look at the board I decided to create an online demo of the Message Board that can be launched using Java Webstart. The demo is available at The conferences...
on Feb 25, 2005
It's always tempting to write software to be intelligent - it makes us look intelligent! And if you can do it well, you can make a lot of money. But in intelligent software, there are hidden perversities - sometimes it's going to make assumptions that are wrong, either hilariously or disasterously, and the probability of that goes up with the complexity of the software. People are intelligent...
on Sep 1, 2004
I will never understand why marketing people haven't learned how to talk to geeks after the decades since computer conferences have been going on. Scripted pseudo-conversations, for example, really don't work -- they're just inane. The fact that they're pre-scripted makes them inane. There's just no way around it. It's not like the two Sun engineers showing off Rave were making this demo up...
on Jun 11, 2003