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My name is Haim Michael, I am the General Manager for Zindell Technologies and I am an eternal student and a lecturer. I chose to develop the abelski web site for the benefit of all people world wide. I have started to develop it in November 2007 and I continuously update its courses and add new ones. All courses on this web site are available for free personal and academic usage.  The...
on Oct 4, 2010


P2P is how the internet was supposed to constructed. Instead we got an client - server architecture. So says this incredibly interesting and challenge-issuing report from the MIT Enterprise Technology Review. The most recent example of how this top current top-down architecture can cripple the internet is the VeriSign SiteFinder debacle. One top level screw up and the whole thing breaks....
on Oct 10, 2003
This rather long ramble is something I've been getting around to writing for a long time. So, it may be incoherent, but at least I'm getting it off my chest. The fundamental idea behind the articles that Jaron Lanier has been publishing in the past few months is that protocols should be designed around the idea of "what are you ttrying to tell me to do" , rather than "that was an illegal...
on Jun 26, 2003